NS8 - SOGo continued?

Hi, will SOGo to be continued in NS8 or is Webtop the only groupware in the future ?

I know that dev team prefer Webtop, but what to do with actual working SOGo installations ?

Better to know yet with enough preparation time, if it’s inevitable to change the things.

Still not satisfied with Webtop, hope it will be improved ongoing, specially creating tasks from emails and a darker theme.

Best wishes

I might hope so, for choice is a good thing.


it might be possible, either by forking the work of a developer and maintaining it ourself or by following a container inside the docker hub.

As a matter of fact we just have to migrate the mysql database where it is stored calendar and address book, then install SOGo on NS8. Obviously it is cheaper to say it than to do it but I do not know why it could not be done.

As ever I am available to help

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My fault, i forget completely about the different structure of NS8 as container orchestrator.
So it could never work / continue the old way, but SOGo has to be dockerized like Weptop and all the other offered applications will be. As far as I didn’t see any hint of SOGo in the NS8 roadmap, I assume that there will not be any one-click SOGo container install in the NS8 release. So I think I have to do my homeworks and learn more about the new concept of NS8 an how the containers communicate to each other, as i.e. SOGo has to be aware of the LDAP and Mail database. Or simply take a deaper look at Webtop :slight_smile:

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yes containers work a bit differently than rpm, but the good new now is that we have enough code example done to help the development of new modules. For example, roundcubemail could be a good example to copy in order to start something. Obviously you will have some specific stuffs to SOGo, but the backend to discover the mail server inside the cluster will be the same.

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Good news, no clear line on the ETA of ns8-sogo because I would like to release ns8-crowdsec first, but we have a green light to SOGo


CrowdSec? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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I remember the name of the project. I’d only put on a such lower priority this package.
I’d also love to know if Nethesis is becoming a commercial partner for Crowdsec but I think that only time will tell.

no idea, my quest is coding

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Fair and square… You like more coffee or tea as coding supplement?
:coffee: :teapot:

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SoGo in NS8 would be mandatory for me

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This is really good news.
I’ll trust in you @stephdl, you can do it for us.
So there is nothing wrong installing a new NS7 with SOGo now again ?
Thank you so much.

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