NS8 - SOGo continued?

So I love NS8 everything I need works - great job!

The only thing I’m missing at the moment = SOGo

All attempts with Webtop fail because of the acceptance of the family!
Can we expect a timely implementation?

It would be great if you had a time horizon.

Best regards


I hope for the stable version of NS8 you will have SOGo, I have plenty other jobs, like debian12 and crowdsec, but when time will be available then we will have SOGo

I use SOGo at home even if I know that a lot of people love to use webtop


We need to give priority to webtop but SOGo will added to the software center as well, don’t worry.

We needed it in order to replace an existing module

I understand take a look at my anwser above


Hello friends!

NS8 is slowly getting really good, but I’m still missing one of the most important components:


How far along are the plans?
I can’t get my family interested in WebTop, sorry - there is no acceptance.

We are about to publish :slight_smile:




If SOGo is available as podman container, you can still tweak it around NS8 environment.

I have a green light to start to work on it, for now priority is low but when spare time is here, I will work on it


looking to find a container for SOGo, we love sogo at NethServer but SOGo is not much loved by packagers of container :frowning:

looking few hours today and I must admit that I have been not much so happy

  • tried to compile from source, I succeed but the size of the image is around 1,5 GB (not compressed).
    I would love to be close of @davidep when I will announce that :stuck_out_tongue:

  • tried to install from a private repository, I succeed but I am not sure we can trust him on the long run or in the quality of its rpm, and the size of the image is about 750MB: Index of /linux/debian

  • I tried with default sogo on ubuntu, but with 22.04 it is sogo 5.5.x, maybe we could try with ubuntu 23.10 but we will have upgrades only each 6 month :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I tried the nightly build of sogo, but I am not a big fan, I want stable code like I do for NS7

Each of this above was not good containers, huge, heavy, without output logs to stdout/stderr

Well I was not happy


Until I found …

based on archLinux, why, because they have the last package in their repository so we could expect stable code and tests among a community, we have stderr/stdout, we expose only 20000 for sogo and 20001 for apache, I think it is a nice container…I think we could start something on it…instead you have another idea



whoosh, its the hunting for when wanting to create a new module, Whoosh.

i can only imagine for the packages without any images

Well if the image size you build is tiny there is not much issue but I am concerned that if the size is huge then you have to think how to host it

SOGo wiil be long. I switched to another tasks. Now the db and the webapp are up but I must fight with ldap authentication

success to authenticate with active directory, failure with openldap

for now the configuration is not templated


finally we have our image on dockerhub, I forked a conatiner image and I pushed the change I need to our build

but but need to design it, for now it is a bundle, of course the database is in another container

  • pod: sogo
  • container mysql:mariadb-app
  • container sogo: sogo-app

it runs

  • memcached (could be in another container)
  • apache for reverse proxy (could be also another container)
  • cron (we need it on localhost I think)
  • sogo

for now I hosted it on dockerhub but I am not sure if we can host it on ghcr.io. BTW could we have a NethServer organisation to host container on docker hub, did you think on it @davidep