NS8-OpenVPN is missing


I could not find any OpenVPN application in NS8 RC1. Do I need to set it up differently?

Any help is appreciated.

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hello Ertank, there currently is not a VPN module in Nethserver 8, Hopefully it would be ready once the product has been fully released.

WHat did you want to use the OpenVPN application for?

Hi, only two software I put on top of NethServer is Firewall and OpenVPN. It already has a built in user management. I put NethServer between modem and LAN as a gateway providing secure access to office systems.

Since RC1 is out for a while now, I wanted to check it out to get used to the new interface.


You Also need to understand that Firewall Functionalities Have not been implemented into Nethserver 8.
These have been implemented in NEthsecurity

You can however, using your nethserver 8 instance, still manage the Nethsecurity

WHich is in beta here:NethSecurity Beta 1 is ready
:shield: - NethSecurity - NethServer Community

The VPN functionalities have also been implemented into Nethsecurity

OK, What I understand is that I will be needing two computers/VMs with NS8 in order to handle same operation in the future.

NS8 - main controller
NethSecurity - a cluster under NS8

Is that right?

Almost :slight_smile:

NS8 and NethSecurity are 2 standalone products.
If you just need firewall features like OpenVPN, you just need NethSecurity.
You are going to need NS8 only if you plan to host applications like Nextcloud or the Mail server.

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