NS8 module template fails on creating repository

Hi there,

just a quick question in regard to the NS8 module template repository ns8-kickstart:
I’ve used it to initialize a new repository for trying if I’m able to build a module for integrating Vaultwarden password server.

However, on initializing the new repository the workflow “Repository initialization” throws following error:

2023-05-05T15:31:14.0449253Z [main f76c3ad] Repository initialization
2023-05-05T15:31:14.0452039Z  12 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 83 deletions(-)
2023-05-05T15:31:14.0452941Z  delete mode 100644 .github/workflows/initialize-repo.yml
2023-05-05T15:31:14.0453848Z  rename imageroot/systemd/user/{kickstart.service => vaultwarden.service} (57%)
2023-05-05T15:31:14.0454482Z  rename tests/{kickstart.robot => vaultwarden.robot} (76%)
2023-05-05T15:31:14.2304176Z remote: Write access to repository not granted.
2023-05-05T15:31:14.2305839Z fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/chrkli/ns8-vaultwarden/': The requested URL returned error: 403
2023-05-05T15:31:14.2332720Z ##[error]Process completed with exit code 128.

I did not know anything about Github actions until now, but I’ve found the following piece of information on the net: Solution to Process completed with exit code 128 on GitHub Actions - Everything I Know

So i’ve forked the ns8-kickstart, added the mentioned two lines of code to the file .github/workflows/initialize-repo.yml.

→ see changes in forked template

At least, the workflow got a bit further before bailing out on another missing permission:
[remote rejected] main -> main (refusing to allow a GitHub App to create or update workflow .github/workflows/clean-registry.ymlwithoutworkflows permission)

→ see full log of workflow run

I found the following github actions documentation on job permissions

However, there is no permission named ‘workflow’ mentioned.
Also, putting

permission: write-all
inside .github/workflows/

did not help to solve the issue.
Does anybody has some idea on how to proceed further? Or am I just to blind to see the easy solution?

Thanks and best regards


A Bitwarden-like server, nice module for ns8!

I have the same issue in a new repo,

I suppose recent changes to the template or to GitHub Actions changed some permission requirement.

Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next days :wave:

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Thank you for pointing it out: new Github permissions require a token that the user must create manually.
Since it’s not a simple task, we removed the automated workflow and converted it to a couple of lines of doc:



great, thank you very much!
Hopefully the other workflows do not need such a token, too.
I’ll see in a bit and report back if any further issues occure.