NS8-Joplin Server App

In relation to this: Joplin Server Edition - Feature - NethServer Community

Hello Nethserver Community,

We have a New Toy to Play with On Nethserver 8.

ShoutOut to @danb35 Who got me using this App on Nethserver, and Since we are migrating to NS8, it was only fair i got this app on NS8 as well.

The module can be found here: joplin versions · compgeniuses (github.com)

Installing: add-module ghcr.io/compgeniuses/joplin:latest 1

For Testing: add-module ghcr.io/compgeniuses/joplin:1.0.0-beta1 1

After installing, go to the App Setting Screen

Enter your Domain

You should be presented with the login Screen

Default Credentials Are:

  • Email: admin@localhost
  • Password: admin

You SHould be presented with A Dashboard

**Test Cases Before Release**
Test Case 1 - Confirm if Sync is happening

Change Admin Login Credentials
Confirmation Emails will be Under Emails…
adjust Sync location on your Joplin Client Instance

Works great on my end

Test Case 2 - Confirm Backup Restore works

Backup the Module, then try to restore.

Test Case 3 - Clone Module
Confirm if Module cloning works Fine.

Figure out SMTP for sending of Emails

I know these are the settings, need to pass smarthost settings, and or Add option for user to configure

MAILER_HOST=smtp.gmail.com 12

:clap: Thank you for this module, Martin!

I never tested https://joplinapp.org/ but looks a nice collaborative tool, “open source note taking application”!

I can’t test it now, but I’m sure other Nethserverians want to lend an hand to validate the module before adding it to NethForge.

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its a wonderful note taking application available on your desktop as well as on your phone.

the bet features are being able to collaborate on the same document ith someone else on your server

and the ability to publish Notes that you have been working on. they will be available on the internet for users to see, and you can unpublish them when no longer required.

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Could someone Else kindly help test backup restore, Update upgrade procedure for this App kindly

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