NS8 How to restart an instance


How can one restart an instance form the admin web interface please? Any instance of any application for that matter (restart a container??).


Neither applications nor the whole node can be restarted from the cluster-admin UI.

Isn‘t it a valid requirement?

:tada: So let’s talk about a new feature!

Why do I want to restart a NS8 node? Usually after a kernel update.

How we can restart a NS8 node? So far we have the following options:

  • Log in by SSH or on the system console and run the reboot or systemctl reboot commands
  • For bare metal, press the power button
  • For cloud VPS, use the provider web UI or APIs
  • For local virtual environment, use the virtual “power button”

:thinking: but you’re asking for an application instance… Sorry I didn’t get it.

Why do you want to restart an application? What is the issue?

Not a specific issue, rather be in control. I would like to be able to start, stop instances/containers for whatever reason. Many use cases come to mind, but it all basically boils down to be in control.


I’d rather consider to switch off/on a complete application in that case.

Yes indeed, that is what I meant. By completely switching off you mean spinning down all related containers to that specific application, and by switching back on you basically achieved a ‘reboot’ of that application?

Exactly. Gaining too much control over individual parts might be counterproductive :slight_smile:

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Morphing into feature request.

Filed here NethServer 8 · GitHub

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It sounds like this isn’t a priority, and I am afraid to ask because how the development team is acting. But I will ask anyway I feel it is important. How do I turn on/off an application instance from the command line?

runagent -m webserver1

systemctl disable --user --now webserver.service


It’s gonna be a joy when dependecies will happen that I reboot a module, than all other dependand modules will be rebooted correctly as dependancy need…
Like services. Of an operating system. Not linux…

An event system exist to publish the changes on a module like for mail or LDAP and ask to restart other modules that are registered to this event. For example roundcubemail listen the event mail-settings-changed event to know if it needs to restart to auto discover where is the mail server or any other settings it needs from the mail server

But the main difference before the good old time of NS7 is that IF a module needs a database or other app, they are included inside the pod, for example webserver is the pod, if you restart it you restart nginx and phpfpm

No more services linked to other services like before, everything is inside the pod that you could consider like a mini standalone server itself

Yeah. Sure. Userbase, AD or LDAP flavour.

No difference to NS7…