NS8 How to restart an instance


How can one restart an instance form the admin web interface please? Any instance of any application for that matter (restart a container??).


Neither applications nor the whole node can be restarted from the cluster-admin UI.

Isn‘t it a valid requirement?

:tada: So let’s talk about a new feature!

Why do I want to restart a NS8 node? Usually after a kernel update.

How we can restart a NS8 node? So far we have the following options:

  • Log in by SSH or on the system console and run the reboot or systemctl reboot commands
  • For bare metal, press the power button
  • For cloud VPS, use the provider web UI or APIs
  • For local virtual environment, use the virtual “power button”

:thinking: but you’re asking for an application instance… Sorry I didn’t get it.

Why do you want to restart an application? What is the issue?

Not a specific issue, rather be in control. I would like to be able to start, stop instances/containers for whatever reason. Many use cases come to mind, but it all basically boils down to be in control.


I’d rather consider to switch off/on a complete application in that case.

Yes indeed, that is what I meant. By completely switching off you mean spinning down all related containers to that specific application, and by switching back on you basically achieved a ‘reboot’ of that application?

Exactly. Gaining too much control over individual parts might be counterproductive :slight_smile:

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Morphing into feature request.

Filed here NethServer 8 · GitHub

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