Start and Stop App on NS8 from UI

Hi all,
I believe it would be useful to have a button to stop, start, and restart an application directly from the graphical user interface.

Please let me know if this functionality can be added. Thank you.

hello @Denis_Pollini would this be in relation to stopping a single service within the app, or the entire app with all underlying services

Hi @oneitonitram
It’s about stopping the entire application. Obviously, if both can be done, it’s better.

Why do you want to do it from UI? Please explain the usage scenario, also make an example.

Hi @davidep
But for example i install an application and it not start for some reason and i want to stop and start to see if a restart is fix the problem, without if i don’t know the command to do on CLI restart all the ns8 host

IIUC you are asking a Restart action for an app instance in the UI.

It’s not a Stop and Start. It’s Restart.

Did I understand?

i restart would be ok, however, making use of the settings page could equally be achieved.

I think its for the purpose of saving consumption of resources so basiclly, stopping all services from running, then can be started later on. for whatever reasons

Yes, but I mean having the possibility to stop it, start it, or restart it as if it were a Docker container.

What i know is, most apps in ns8 do not have function to achieve this, however i am not sure if some amount of work might be required from app devs, or it can be achieved by works from Core only

ref: NS8 - Starting/Stopping Apps

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In some cases saving app settings does that.

ok thank you

My main concern is that these actions could be used without really understanding the root of the problem, which might make things worse in the long run. It’s important for a sysadmin to check out what’s actually going wrong before taking any action, rather than just restarting services blindly.

Saving resources in such way sounds to me good for a home installation.

So, for now, I won’t be adding this feature to NS8 Core.

It’s still an interesting idea for a rootful application, an optional component: you can install it on a node and control its applications running state.

Edit: there is a project card already filed here NethServer 8 · GitHub

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Not in the sense exactly. Lets approach it from this angle.

Assume we have an AI App within NS8, than can be trained within the server, at whatever capacity.

We might not want to completely destory the app because doing so will also delete the underlying Data, however because it is a resource intensive operation, the Admin User might want to “Pause” its Operation, in this case, stopping all underlying services from running on the Node, but retain the data.

When its needed again, the service might be started.

this is just an example, Overall, i wont necessrily need this service, but considering we are making NS8 easy to use.
Equally, stopping services from the command line, would require Root credentials, so even if each admin user will have their own credentials, removing apps will require root privileges, so to allow stopping apps from the UI, will allow to make use of the Cluster admin user credentials and privileges assigned, thereby being a more secure option.

My perspective

Isn’t this the responsibility of users themself? Why overprotecting and limiting possibilities?. That implies that you are actually taking the responsibility and control (or do not trust) of users capabilities and their skill-set. Free world, free choice. As for support if things go wrong, the forums are free and it is a community to explore, learn, laugh and teach.

I think good documentation is a better way to make users aware, not taking away possibilities.

Maybe a central option under node settings that enables some ‘advanced settings’ with a warning notice (e.g. own risk). When flipped to on, additional options will be shown, such as start/stop(resart) app, in certain places?