NS8: Dokuwiki configuration

In this context of this topic I tried to install and configure Dokuwiki.

  1. Installation is a no-brainer
  2. Configuration and restore content, not so.


  1. Dokuwiki is not well integrated, esp. not into the AD.
  • AD-Configuration is not automatically prefilled
  • Active Directory Auth Plugin is not activated
  • necessary manual configuration is not documented
  • the usual ldaps://ad.mydomain.tld is not working for plugin»authad»domain_controllers
  1. basedir and baseurl are not prefilled and are not documented as well || savedir with ./data cannot be located

  2. I have no idea how to get ssh access to the basedir (even if I could guess it) to restor the backup.tar

Merry Christmas, Marko

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Yes the NS7 version of dokuwiki offers the ldap authentication

What is a well-functioning configuration with the local AD on Node1?

Samba or ldap

Do in a root terminal

runagent python3 -magent.ldapproxy

For the configuration example of dokuwiki you could copy the ns7 configuration file I suppose

Hum thinking on dokuwiki we are under rootless module you cannot contact the ldap proxy like this I guess. We need to mount the container with special option

Please refer to this manual section