NS8-Calibre-web Application

Inspired for by the @education_team members and this thread request here: Education applications wishlist - Feature - NethServer Community

As an NS8 Tribute to: Howto install Calibre Content Server - Howto - NethServer Community

I am Happy to Announce that we now Have Calibre We Server Available as a Nethserver 8 App

add-module ghcr.io/geniusdynamics/calibre-web:latest 1

Access the Installed Application from the Top Right Menu, the Book Icon


Add the Hostname Settings for the Application


Confirm All is well Under status

Access the Web interface:

Default USername and PAssword
USername: admin
Password: admin123

On First Login,
Add the Database Configuration

it is supposed to be

BAsically Calibre Web assumes you already have an existing Calibre Library, Which needs to be Mounted/ Stored into the Same location of the container.

@stephdl How could i provide an easier option for users to upload their existing calibre libraries into the conatiner volume folder?


the system has LDap support

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