NS8-Calibre Application

As a Borther Projects to this project here: NS8-Calibre-web Application - Feature - NethServer Community

Inspired by @dnutan here: Howto install Calibre Content Server - Howto - NethServer Community

I am Happy to Announce the Availability for testing of the Calibre Project. geniusdynamics/ns8-calibre: NEthserver8 App for Calibre https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-calibre

TAg to the @education_team for this application

add-module ghcr.io/geniusdynamics/calibre:latest 1

After Installation
LAunch your installed Application, fom the App menu on the top right screen corner

LAunch the Settings menu, and setup the relevant Host Parameters

On first login, a KASM Insterface exposing calibre is presented

The Library Defaults are pre-configured click Next

hen setup your Manufactoruer, in this case i leave Defaults
CLick Next and FInish the Setup.

you should be greeted with a calibre Interface.

After adding books Library Above
PS i dont think this deployment was designed to be deployed on a remote host, I guess on a local deployment it should be great.


  • Properly differentiate calibre and calibre web apps for the NS8 interface
  • Exposing content Server Port
  • Pobably implement or figure out combining the 2
  • Security…