November Community Hangout on 14th Nov 2015

the time has come for a new community hangout.

This time, we are going to do it together with another event the annually Nethesis NethCamp, a company event where Nethesis is used to plan its future.

I’m going to host the hangout directly from there maybe it’s a good time to meet together and have a glimpse at the camp


@Jim @ironsky @mabeleira @giacomo @sitz @willzen @Uros_Benkic @apradoc @Nas @robb and me

Just created the event:


Any preset topics? (future of Nethesis/Nethserver is kind a big subject… )

Suggested Redline:
The wiki.
The Disk Management Feature.
The Left menu.

I promise to let you speak a little :grin:

We won’t have much time (just 30 minutes) and 10 participants :smile:
My proposal:

  • introducing ourselves
  • a question by me for each of you
  • a topic proposed by you: short questions?

I don’t think that talking about features might be a good idea, community still remains the proper place.

We’re ready in an hour

@ironsky @mabeleira @giacomo @sitz @WillZen @apradoc @Nas @robb @davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti do you have any on-the-spot comments after the hangout?

Just assist the Hangout.

Sorry, it was not possible this morning to participate.
Bad busy day after

Any comment?

I think the hangout went quite smooth. There was even some kind of structure in the hangout… :smiley:
I realy like the idea to have next hangout with developers. I don’t know if there already are ‘community devs’ but it should be interesting to hear some technical insights.

There were a few things that were very clear: Stefan mentioned NS might not be aimed at his business. Small businesses that do need a server, just need something small, easy to install, easy to maintain. Nothing fancy, just doing anything a SBS server needs to do. As soon you add modules, configuration, even when completely guided through a webinterface, might become more difficult. Maybe a 2nd, “advanced” page on the admin webinterface would be the place for more difficult features. Then a simple server for small businesses can do with just the basic networking services.

The second thing I am really happy about is meeting Adrian. He is also an education guy and is looking for the perfect (opensource) school server. I guess in the future we will probably talk a lot with each other and discuss how to come to that perfect school server. :smile:

I have been in this community now for 1 week and being here feels like a warm bath. Thank you all for this welcome and I hope to help out here for a long time.


Nobody in Nethesis like the T-shirt ? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

More seriously, I more convince yet that the debate “home use” vs “professional use” is definitely out, a waste of time.
No matter the “what for doing” if Nethserver “do well”… Or serve well.
With the Nethserver go to school, it 's a good proof.

I’ve got high hopes with Rob, Adrián, and with @syntaxerrormmm


Hi guys,

Sorry for not attending, I’m experiencing some issues with my home connection :cry:

I really wanted to attend and share ideas with the fantastic guys from community and also Nethesis.

I hope next time to be able to be there :smile: Let’s hope for December’s hangout :wink:

That is the point, the essence of the creative excercise.

I’m not server developer but :+1: agree this proposal. For the next Hangout we can prepare an agenda with specific topics and perhaps make them more frequent.

You can count on these meetings, brother. I’m excited that our tribes from various parts of the world can design an ideal model of intranet: universal, modular, open source and free software especially.

:confetti_ball: I am happy with this meeting :tada:

You can watch the recording :grinning: enjoy it!

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I also propose an agenda for the next hang out. If the topic more related to develeopment or to generel items everyone can decide if he will join.

I agree in some parts with @robb. I would be nice if we keep in mind that there other who will use the Nethserver and don’t have the skill and the time to step in so deep. I like the GUI and also the discussion how to improve the usability. With the different modules it is possible to create your server which you need. If the documentation and the howto offer in a easy way to setup the settings for the common needs this would make the different.


Great meeting, and i think Isidro’s schools intranet project is amazing,
and a very interesting opportunity for nethserver show up.


sorry i meant Adrian on my previous post.

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