Introducing new members on community - 9 Nov 15

I’m happy to create this topic because it’s always a chance to meet new amazing people and hear interesting stories.
As every Monday I’m here to give a warm welcome among us to @delusion @lswart @miha @kieronrob @brunocarne @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive @Allen_Lu @cbertram68 @dlbgp @MyDarkFire

Please share with us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer!
  • What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?
  • Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?
  • If you haven’t read it yet please give a look to our [Top Discussions][3] and the [Getting Started Topic][4]

Hey everyone! I usually don’t do the whole new member post thing but I have a feeling I’m going to start being active on the forums so why not. My name is Dylan Charpentier and I live in Rhode Island, USA. I’m finishing up school as a Cisco Network Engineer. I specialize in security and wireless.

I originally found NethServer because I was looking for information/a new router os for my recent hardware upgrade. I recently added two servers to my home inventory. A Dell R900 (4x Quad Core 3.2Ghz Xeon, 64GB RAM, 2TB (4x1TB in RAID1) HDD, 4xEthernet Ports) for ESXI VM hosting and a Dell r200 (1x Dual Core 3.0Ghz Xeon, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 4xEthernet Ports). Previously I only had a single custom server (1x Quad Core Phenom II 3.6Ghz, 8GB RAM, 18TB Storage, 4xEthernet Ports). Upgraded the cabling in my rack. Now have a 3Gbps fiber link between the R900 and the Custom Server. Custom Server has been set up as a NFS/CIFS NAS. All my software is on 3 VM’s broken down by function. NethServer is installed on the R200 and has dual ethernet links to my switch, a link to the internet, and a link to my access point.

So far NethServer has been to my liking. Really only dealing with one issue now in regards to functionality. It seems to be handling the insane traffic off my network just fine.

Most of my free time for the last week has been setting up the above or working on my car lol.

Thank you for the welcome @alefattorini!


Hello NS community.
I am Rob Bosch. A 49 year old Dutch guy living in Belgium. I came here because Allesio asked me to help out with the community. I have been very active in the Zentyal community for over 4 years, but unfortunately Zentyal chose to go another path when it comes to a community driven project.

I am a community man. Although I have my share of technical knowledge, it is more the community part that is inspiring me to be active and be part of a group of people that is enthusiastic about a project that can help grow and become a major distribution.

First of all, I absolutely like the atmosphere in this community already. I have watched some of the hangout videos and read a lot on the forums. I think Allesio is doing a superb job with inspiring members from all over the world to come up with their ideas and opinions.

I do hope I can embrace Nethserver as a replacement for Zentyal server. The last version of Zentyal server I used is version 3.2 (based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server) and I am still running that on several servers. Until Ubuntu 12.04 runs EOL they probably will stay on that version.

I currently am involved in several projects. Most of the projects involve ICT in Educational environments. I have deployed ICT environments in a Belgium primary school and in Senegal in a secondary school. When I advise schools, I try to convince them to use Opensource solutions. Not only because they are cheaper and easier to maintain, but most of all because they are open. The philosophy of opensource (and open content) is probably even more important. Especially for primary and secondary schools since, in my opinion, opensource stands for sharing without expecting to get something in return. The fact that you DO get a LOT in return, like contributions, ideas and participation is the biggest reward you can have and that is only possible with opensource!

I joined Nethserver community primarily because Alessio asked me. I don’t know a lot about Netserver (yet) and my Linux knowledge is almost limited to Ubuntu based solutions. It will be hard for me to catch up, but again, the community feeling here is the most important for me.

Since I have an interest in Educational solutions I would like to see some modules added to Nethserver like Moodle or Chamilo (both are electronic learning environments), Xerte online Toolkits (an e-learning development environment where you can create interactive learningobjects) and Xibo (a Digital Signage content management system). I read in the forums there is a huge discussion going on whether to have AD replacement (Samba4) with GPO support or not. I think that if Nethserver wants to become a major player in the SME world, in the end there will be a need for full Windows client support. If that is through AD + GPO or through something else, that is to be decided. What stays important is that a mixed environment can be supported by Nethserver. What I learned from previous solutions I was involved with is that leaving out one of the major options (Windows, IOS, Linux) on the desktop will eventually hurt the project.

Currently I am very busy with This is an Ubuntu based solution especially for educational environments. It consists of a server and a client that can take care of all the needs a school can wish for. The only thing that not is implemented is an UTM/Gateway function. Currently I use pfsense as UTM/Gateway for my Linuxschools implementations.

As of now, I didn’t test Nethserver yet, but I am downloading the ISO image as we speak. I don’t want to start a .deb vs .rpm war, but I think I will need quite some time to get used to CentOS. In the past I tried several times, but never could get used to it. However I do think this time it will work out just fine.

Lastly, what I am busy with is getting LPIC1 certified. The first exam is planned end of the month so fingers crossed.

I hope to find a great and thriving community and sure hope I can be a positive asset to the community.

best regards,


Ehi Dylan! Happy to see you here and thanks for your time, glad to see another guy from USA :smiley:
Please help us to make this community more active!
I’m looking forward to your inputs and feedback

Very active is ironic, isn’t it? You was a star there :smiley:
BTW thanks for joined us, as you said we definitely want a community driven project help us to keep on the right track.

I don’t know if the project can grow and become a major distribution but I’m sure that this community is full of enthusiastic people. :grimacing:

Please, lend a hand to our NethServer School Tribe:
Linux goes to school with NethServer

I totally agree with you, hope to have this as soon as possible, it’s already planned

Good luck man! Looking forward to our chat next Saturday at community hangout
November Community Hangout on 14th Nov 2015

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I saw indeed a lot of frustrations in the zentyal community this last two years…It is sad to see that !

My team is stuck in version 3.5.
With the dynamics of this tribe I have the courage to take the mission to rescue

“El Patriota” by Omar Cruz

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Good day all,

I’m Kieron Robertson, IT Admin for a private hospital group in Durban, South Africa.

I am currently revising our IT strategy and looking for open source solutions for our infrastructure and servers.

We are currently running an SME server and am looking at replacing it with a more functional solution and came across Nethserver. I am testing it at the moment along with some other projects to provide our users with a stable and functional groupware solution for mobile as well as desktops.

I am also testing some other projects like FOG server, Zabbix, Ulteo, Guacamole, OpenVAS and Scrollout F1. I have a few of them in production already and others will be rolled out over the next few months.

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Hi Kieron,

Welcome here.
Thank you for posting.
Don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback and yours expectatives with Nethserver.