Nextcloud updates


(Alessandro Polidori) #21

Thanks @robb ! :slight_smile:
Fixed it.

(Alessandro Polidori) #22

QA needed: v15.0.5 is in testing:

(Alessio Fattorini) #23

@LayLow @dnutan @robb @mark_nl @danb35 nother release to test!
We’re always bleeding edge :slight_smile:

(HF) #24

Updated a production NS7 server from testing. All fine, including OnlyOffice as reference to @mrmarkuz

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #25

Updates here too, no problem so far!

(HF) #26

I think this is an issue. Nextcloud ‘requires’ one to be current and updated all the time. Updates between major versions are hard, so upstream ‘pushes’ one to be on the latest and greatest all the time.

There is no ‘LTS version’ or support for older releases.

(Dan) #27

Of course there is. Nextcloud is still releasing updates to the 14 and 13 series. There isn’t a “LTS” version as there is for some other software packages, but there’s definitely at least bugfix support for earlier releases.

(Ralf Jeckel) #28

Updated an existing VM here. No Problems so far.
Installed modules: Files, activity, mail, galery, notes, quicknotes, calendar,, onlyoffice, GpxPod.
All seem to work.

Thank you @alep ! :+1:

(HF) #29

Yep, I spoke too soon.

(Alessandro Polidori) #30

Thanks to you all, Nextcloud 15.0.5 has been released

Blocked nextcloud
(HF) #31


(Alessandro Polidori) #32

Thank you @LayLow, we are working on it.
Do you want to try to make a PR ?

(HF) #33

Hi @alep, not specifically, just keeping an eyey out. I will help wherever I can tho!