Nextcloud updates

As per title. An update Nethserver package would be nice! :wink: (If all apps and integrations still work then…)


Last weekend Nextcloud 15 has been mad available to the public. There are quite some new features including some social options. Nextcloud has joined Fediverse

Time to start getting Nextcloud15 implemented for NethServer… :smiley:


WANTED …as in the far west so to speak :wink:

I should have used the search first… lol
But still, I am really excited about nextcloud joining fediverse social options…

I’m less interested in Fediverse (maybe I’d be more interested if I understood what it did) than I am in online document editing via the mobile apps.

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I know @alep is already looking on it.
Honestly I asked to wait a bit before working on NC 15, and wait that NethServer 7.6 is out as final :wink:


I appreciate the efforts, but may I ask why wait for 7.6 is out. IMHO NC 15 (or whatever version) should be available on all available NS versions. Otherwise I feel ‘forced’ to upgrade to 7.6 whilest I do not want that at this moment.

NOT a RANT, food for thought.

Since I recently started to get involved a bit in fediverse I can explain a bit about what it is and what it does.
Fediverse is a set of protocols that connect several decentralized social media projects. Currently we all know Facebook and Google plus, twitter, instagram etc…
These social media platforms are immense popular but also are immense nasty in tracking and profiling you. The phrase: “If you get something for free, the product is most likely you” is more than true in these cases. (nice read:
Privacy advocates started privacy friendly, decentralized projects as alternatives to the commercial social media networks. Examples are:

All these networks are decentralized. This means that there are many servers available that are connected but independent from each other. This allows you to choose the server you want to create your account on, or even start your own server. I have my own diaspora* server running at
Nextcloud 15 will have options to connect to the fediverse and be able to join the social media options hosted through fediverse connected servers.
As a privacy lobbyist I am quite excited that Nextcloud decided to add fediverse social media options. I think privacy is important and the power of FB, Google, Twitter, MS and several more large datagrabbing, profiling companies has grown too big and it is high time we take our privacy back.

/edit: found another distrurbing privacy documentary. Sorry for the political hijack…


Very well explained.

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And… new Nextcloud 15 is in testing !!!

If you want to test it, here are all the details
@LayLow @robb @dnutan @danb35


Just curious how spec files work. Is the latest one correct, for the changelog show 14.0.4 as the latest change?


This is because it is in testing and not jet released;
If you look at the spec file in the actual source package

you find this change log:

* Tue Dec 18 2018 Alessandro Polidori <> - dbe7abf
- Upgrade to 15.0.0 version (#46) (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)

Quick test. Update went without problems (test case 2 with openldap, cifs external storage, Windows sync app).


man you’re a :rocket:

A kind heads up :wink:



In the works:


I did not have the illusion that I was the first one to spot a newer release :slight_smile: Luckily I am proven right!

The update description needs an update… :wink: