Nextcloud Talk TURN server documentation / package

Nextcloud Talk is a nice thing, but out of the box is only works in the local network.
Is there a current and working documentation how to get it working from everywhere?
Has anybody created a Nethserver package, so that everyone could get a working Nextcloud-Talk solution out of the box from the software center?

Hi Carsten,

There are numerous discussions in this forum discussion how to get nextcloud talk to work.
this article here can help Nextcloud 19 Released - #21 by oneitonitram

The only thing missing is the High perfomance Backend. which youd have to isntall on a separate server, as am not sure if anyone in this group uses nextcloud talk for a large meeting

Or go through this link here, will be insightfull Testing and configuring Nextcloud Talk - Support - NethServer Community

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