Nextcloud - smbclient is not installed

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: Nextcloud 10.0.2 (default install from Nethserver)

Hi Team,

I’ve installed Nextcloud from Software Center and in Nextcloud Admin I’ve enabled External Storage. I’m adding a share to our local NAS server using CIFS/SMB because I’m moving from our current ownCloud server to Nextcloud and our ownCloud server is currently using this type of connection to our NAS.

I’m getting an error on Nextcloud that says:

"smbclient" is not installed. Mounting of "SMB / CIFS", "SMB / CIFS using OC login" is not possible. Please ask your system administrator to install it.

I don’t particularly like installing something outside of nethserver Software Center unless that is the normal thing to do.

  • What is the correct course of action with this error? Do I install smb/cifs on my nethserver in order to make this work?
  • Is there a module in the Software Center that I need to Add?

Thank you.

Everything from standard repository should be safe to install :slight_smile:

In your case, you simply need samba-client which is not installed by default (because we don’t if the user is going to use it along with nextcloud):

yum install samba-client
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Excellent @giacomo. I will install this and get back to you with my results.

Much appreciative of your fast reply.

Thank you.

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I can see the option to use CIFS/SMB now but my connection to our office local NAS is not working. We currently use ownCloud and I have connected external storage from our ownCloud to our NAS. Works great!

But now I’m moving to use Nextcloud and it seems Nextcloud has an issue with external shares using CIFS/SMB. I see others on the Nextcloud forum have raised the same issue I’m seeing:

and this one as well:

The second had some solutions that I tried but I still get an error connecting saying “Storage not available”.

I know this isn’t specifically a nethserver problem but perhaps someone else has seen this. Does anyone have suggestions/solutions on how I can get external storage connected to our Office NAS?

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if your NAS storage have option to share volume as “NFS share” you can use it as mount point for NextCloud storage, or if your NAS support ISCSI target, try mounting external storage from NAS using iSCSI volume, mounted directly to NextCloud storage path.
User “apache” and group “apache” have to own this mount point

Czeslaw Mruk