Nextcloud: No managed interface in Nethgui

For Nextcloud, no managed interface in Nethgui, no settings and no possibility to enable or disable…

Note: In Cokpit, it is possible to manage a little but no enable or disable possibility too.

It is the same case you posted before:

The UI for this feature was introduced in Cockpit. As most efforts on the UI side are towards Cockpit this feature won’t be added in NethGUI. But PRs are welcome and surely they will be evaluated.
Same settings can be set from CLI.

Consider the downsides of duplicating work for a UI that shall be gone in the foreseeable future (time, energy, human resources… that might be better if used to improve the new UI that shall last long years, add new features and software, general improvements, etc.)

That is no excuse for fixing bugs on NethGUI (fixing something that is not working as it was expected, security bugs, etc.)

(My opinion, not talking in the name of the developers).

I think that fits better as a feature request (not a bug). The feature makes a lot of sense for services like web-proxy, web content filter, antivirus… For “web apps” I don’t rule it out (like putting web apps in maintenance mode or bring them down by removing their web-server conf files) but I think it is not so common (I could be wrong).

This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature request, and really should be recategorized as such. But why do you want this? What scenario do you envision where it would be beneficial to have a web application installed, but not accessible? It seems that the much better answer, if you don’t want people using it, would be to remove it. Most of the available web applications do not provide this capability, and I’m having trouble understanding why anyone would want it.

No, the first ticket is to inform the problem about missing enable/disable in Cockpit Applications Nextcloud settings part.

This ticket is for inform about missing settings part in Nethgui.

Remove app is not the solution.

We must disable apps for a moment.

This is not a problem; it’s a missing feature which you believe (for reasons you have yet to share) should be there.

And it’ll likely remain this way; there doesn’t seem to be any new development going on in the old GUI other than fixing bugs–and this isn’t a bug.

Why? Really, it’s a simple question, you’ve been asked it a number of times, and you haven’t come up with an answer yet:

Maybe I’m speaking out of turn–as with the issue you raised on the self-signed TLS certificate, I don’t run the project, and I’m not going to be the one to implement it in any event. But you’re asking for something that’s only implemented by one of the web applications that I know of (SOGo), and it’s pretty questionable why that application has it. I think it’s safe to say your view is not in the majority, as it’s a feature I haven’t seen requested before. And the only explanation for why you’re asking is that “you need it.”

You’re certainly free to code whatever you like and submit it as a PR; the devs will take a look at it and may merge it. But if you want them to do the work, it would be in your interest (i.e., it would increase the chances of it happening) to explain in some detail why they should. And not categorize feature requests as bugs.

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