Nextcloud Mail App connecting to Nethserver Mail (Webtop)

**NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Nextcloud Version: 19.0.0
Nextcloud Mail App version - 1.4.0

Hello @support_team,

I’m kicking at this can again. I’m moving my office to using Nethserver mail and my testing is going very well. Most of our employees have been given the link and credentials to login to Webtop. But we have a couple where it will be useful to use the Nextcloud Mail app instead. To that end I’m once again testing trying to enable the Nextcloud Mail App and once again I’m receiving errors when I try and setup my configuration. I did follow this post here:

Nextcloud mail app config error?

I’ve issued this command on my Nethserver:

doveadm acl set -A Public authenticated lookup read

To confirm I was using the right settings I used Thunderbird to connect to our Nethserver mailserver so I know what ports to use et all. But when I put in the exact same settings in my Nextcloud Mail app I still receive an error.

Creating account failed: Could not connect to IMAP: Could not open secure TLS connection to the IMAP server.

I’m not trying to create an account. I’m trying to connect to an existing mailbox on my Nethserver. Does anyone have any advice what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.



Whenever I need a working webmail in NethServer outside what I’m using as groupware, I use Roundcube…

It’s easily configurable, works very well and reliable.
And: has absolutely NO issues using the existing mail in NethServer!

Why not give this a try?

For Nextcloud mail: you may need to use localhost (Where you use the name or IP in Thunderbird)…
Ports should be 25 or 587 (Outgoing, with TLS) and 143 (Incoming, also TLS)
Password for incoming must be standard, not kerberos!

My two cents

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Appreciate the comments @Andy_Wismer.

We are already using WebTop in our office so If I wanted to I could simply add an external link to WebTop from my Nextcloud. But for these specific users I was hoping to keep them within my Nextcloud so they didn’t have to login via WebTop. I can’t understand why the mail app on Nextcloud causes so many issues with working. And it’s not just me. My friend who also heavily uses Nextcloud has also not be able to get it working . And I’ve read many a posts here and on Nextcloud where people have issues.

I think my only option to have some of my users within our office use a mail app from with Nextcloud is to use Rainloop.


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I tend to agree but this a Nextcloud app development shortcoming. I have NS with SOGo as a primary email client and a second off site NS install that uses the Nexctcloud email app successfully. It’s not the best client to use so I tend to stick with SOGo/Activesync mobile clients.

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@greavette does the new update of Nextcloud 25 fix the issues you mentioned here of Nextcloud mail. the major improvements seem to fix quite a good number of Mail issues.

I manged to get it working, but is very slow and unfortunately much worse than webtop5.

doveadm acl set -A Public authenticated lookup read

In /usr/share/nextcloud/config/config.php
‘app.mail.verify-tls-peer’ => false,