Nextcloud +LDAP + JSXC (XMPP)

There is an issue on Nextcloud username mapping with LDAP
The nextcloud is displaying usernames as numbers (session id or instance ID) well that is not an issue as yet the user can log in normally.
The issue comes when implementing XMPP, Nextcloud will consider the peer chatting user as unknown therefore the conversation will be one way only.
Could someone verify and advise with the best approach to solve this issue ?

As I expected no one had a solution… There is a bug in the JSXC (XMPP Chat 3.0) module on Nextcloud/Owncloud.
Problem is solved by changing few files, solution will be out soon on version 3.0.1
surely there will be some tweaks to be done on the nextcloud LDAP plugin.

I will post the steps once the JSXC is released.
In the meantime I have it on test, and working very fine
Note: Working fine with the Nextcloud internal chat server.
Yet to test it with Ejabber , NS7 chat server…


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