Advice on adding a NextCloud Chat App integrated with nethserver Ejabber

Hi All,

I’m looking to implement a chat client and what better way, in my opinion, than to leverage the use of NextCloud and add a chat client that uses my Ejabber server in nethserver. :slight_smile:

I see that NextCloud has a javascript (unsupported) xmpp chat client here -

Is there any caveats or gotchas I need to be made aware of when implementing a NextCloud chat web client with my nethserver chat server backend? The reason I ask is due to this post by @ghost that seems to mention that there was a bug when using LDAP and chat clients in NextCloud, but I’m unsure if this bug is related to a specific chat client or any chat client in NextCloud?

Thank you.

Indeed there was a problem, I worked with one of the developers who was very kind to solve my problems and to fix the bugs.
Should you be using nextcloud then the best chatting server would be openfire.
I have openfire working perfectly fine in nextcloud however I gave up on ldap so my users are created twice
once on nextcloud and the same on openfire.
The main reason is the LDAP mapping complexity which surely can work but I was not patient enough to figure out the best way.
What was important for me is to close the implementation in the shortest time.
Without the LDAP it is worth saying that I was able to create Rosters despite the fact that Nextcloud declines the possibility as such.

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Thanks @ghost for this information…albeit my reply is later than it should be!

Ideally I’d prefer to use nethserver and it’s services for our small office needs like providing a chat server. If Ejabber has issues (I still can’t get my Pidgin or Spark to connect to my nethserver Ejabber), is there thoughts to add OpenFire to nethserver instead? Seems like a better solution since for the @dev_team to consider if OpenFire works better with Nextcloud chat and other chat clients?