Nextcloud: Admin account, No privileges II

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: Nextcloud

Hi All,

here after the last update to nextcloud 16 admin lost his privileges and, the reason for loging as admin, calendars has gone.

what can i do?

thx maddin

Are you using the Nextcloud admin, not the NethServer admin?

Calendars just need to be updated and re-enabled.


I’m not sure…

worked for almost 2 years I thought it was the same and now admin lost his rights…

how to make diffence between admin and admin ?

I’m confused …

There’s the NS admin. Which upon installation of NC will be an NC user.
Then, there’s the NC admin, which isn’t seen from the NS users.

So when you look at NS users there’s one admin, when you look at the NC users, there’re two admins.
You will differentiate them by using different passwords.


ash over my main

@fasttech - I’ve forgotten that fact and changed pw from nethserver- admin and used this fpr NC-admin…


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