Nextcloud 25: HUB3 (A Major milestone release)

Nextcloud 25 is around the corner and the official release announcement has already been made.
Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3 - Brand New Design and Photos 2.0 with Editor and AI - Nextcloud

its interesting that they announced before the full release version, but well, now this is an upgrade. if they keep on making these kinds of upgrades every half year, makes alot of sense for major updates. they seem to have done a good job on usability improvements and performance tweaks.

Looking forward to the final release, currently still RC.

While i am not sure if this upgrade would make it to Nethserver7 it will definitely be a worthy companion for Nethserver8, seeing as with the pace of the development.

If this does make it to NS8 please consider implementing or adding High performance backend for files and talk, would really be great.

More the releases, more i see a zero and a dot leading…
0.25 instead of 25.

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We will probably integrate it in NS7, but for sure we are going to wait at least 2-3 minor releases.

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I already seen that kind of approach, don’t remember where or when or by who…

they have finally released this version 6 days ago, Release v25.0.0 · nextcloud/server (

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In relation to this,
i came accross this docker composition for the High perfocmance backend server for nextcloud here: Nextcloud HPB ALL-in-ONE Docker - High Performance Backend Stack (

i also think the one for talk only is also available for docker installation
packaging / Nextcloud Talk High Performance Back-end · GitLab


Nextcloud 25.01 Release 9 Days Ago

Next version 25.02 slated for maybe December 1st