Nextcloud 1.1.6 update woes LDAP settings?


I just updated nextcloud to 1.16. available via Software Center. After update I tried to login, but that failes. It seems that the LDAP value under settings is gone:

After manually setting the LDAP server back to the correct instance, I could login again.

Result of update to 1.1.6: Users can no longer login to Nextcloud


Got also troubles after Nextcloud update, my domain joined NS8 stays in maintenance mode:

Are there errors in the logs?

As explained in the wiki (NS7), you may need to turn off maintenance mode manually.

In NS8 you can execute occ like that:

runagent -m nextcloud1 occ maintenance:mode --off


Just curious, just me, or anybody else have this issue?

Hi @LayLow,

i have just updated two NS8 machines on two separate networks. So far no problems.



Thanks for the feedback.

‘My issue’ is annoying, but solvable. So hopefully it was a 1 time issue. Let’s save this one for the records :slight_smile:

We’ll see after the next update at the latest. :grinning: