New to Nethserver: install 6.8 or 7 Beta1?


At home I’m running a small server for my email, hosting webpages, fileserver, printserver, etc. For the past years I’ve used ClearOS (previously ClarkConnect) as server dirstribution. By now, my current install is quite dated, so I’m looking for something new. I stumbled across Nethserver and want to give it a try. My first question is: which version would you advise I should install? Should I install the tried and tested 6.8 or should I be brave and try the new 7 Beta?




Let’s try to highlight some differences between the two versions relevant to the features you plan to use.
Mail is similar, virtual hosts (web pages) are more flexible and powerful on 7, the fileserver could benefit from samba4 and active directory on 7.
7 is more polished and streamlined. I’m using it in production and I haven’t found problems (but some glitches).
On 6 you’ll find more documentation (but some of it applies to both versions).
If you’re going to begin with a test installation, I’d go with 7.


:sunglasses:The features in 7 are more advantageous

And there is the FreePBX and Bandwidthd and dont forget Next Cloud…

Hi, thanks for your replies!
I’m currently using fetchmail te collect mail from my provider’s IMAP servers. I read that fetchmail is not part of Nethserver 7, is that true? If yes, what could I use as an alternative?

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Getmail / POP3 Connector.
Please read here:

Can be installed from Software center.

Okay, I’ll be going with Nethserver 7, then. Now I only have to wait for my new hard disks to arrive and then find some spare time to do the installation. I’ll report back when I’m done.



Enjoy NS 7!
If you need help, we are here!
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For testing you can install a virtual host and install both versions as guests. So you can switch between both versions and try for your own which one is the better one for you.

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