New NethServer Teams

I’d like to organize NethServerian folks into small working teams.
We can start with 3 teams:

HowTo Team

  • goals: creating good NethServer HowTo, as basis for future modules. Writing guidelines that help to compose great content and helping people to creating the best HowTo ever!
  • coordinators: @AbsyntH @sitz
  • members: @etino @nethcman @nrauso

Translations Team

Dev Team

I do want a QA/Testing Team in the future :smile:

That’s just a draft, we can split this topic into different ones to discuss Team’s goals, organization and guidelines. Teams should be open to everyone on condition that new members have submitted valuable contributions

How about? Can it work?


For me it’s ok , coordinators and members could do the revision for the works of the new members before post them

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Great team I’m proud to be part of it!
Let’s start working!

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Excellent team I’m proud to be part of NethServer!!! :coffee:

Good, you should start with:

  • start a new topic about “Translations team”
  • write your team guidelines
  • howto for new translators (that’s a good starting point How can I help with translations?)
  • steps todo at least to become a member of the group
  • suggestions for a good translation?
  • plan to translate documentation?

How it works?

Yes, this could certainly work! Great you’re teaming up and coordinating everything @alefattorini ! Happy to help with this great project.

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I’ve set up the access rights on Transifex! @gsiotas and @jgjimenezs you’re now Team Managers: I don’t know exactly what it means. I think now you have more buttons on Transifex UI :smile:


With great buttons comes great responsibility :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @alefattorini @davidep
A great responsibility and an opportunity like no other.


U forgot the “infographics team” bro’ :smile:
Just kidding :sob: