New NethServer, based on CentOS 8

Hello friends
I am new here.
I would like to know the forecast news of the new NetshServer, based on CentOS 8, new Kernel, new packages.

Does anyone know anything about it ?

Paulo Basque

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Hi @pbasque and welcome to the community! I hope you feel at home with us and I am glad you found your way to the forums and started this discussion.
NethServer project is created in a very organic way. If the community thinks some functionality is needed, then the community is free to start working on that functionality.

There are some ‘rules’ we follow. Those are more or less to follow upstream decisions about, for instance, the kernel. If Centos decides to a new(er) version of the linux kernel, NethServer will follow. The same is for options like php, although there are efforts to make newer version(s) of php available for specific applications through the php-scl packages.

Back in 2017 we started talking about NethServer8. You can find the discussion here: NethServer 8: wishlist for the conference
So, I suggest: join the conversation and add what you think could be an improvement for you, for NethServer and for other members.


Hello robb
Thank you for informing the way about version 8