New name for cockpit?

As you may know we’re working on a new AMAZING GUI for our beloved NethServer.
We started from the cockpit project as a base for our framework:

Now we can say that it’s becoming less cockpit and more the NEW NETHSERVER GUI
@giacomo @edoardo_spadoni and other are sanding off the rough edges of the project making it so attractive
Why not looking for a new name? It could be useful to:

  • find a common name
  • distinguish from the original project
  • spread the new feature

On the other side, cockpit is a very well known technology and keep the original name wouldn’t be a bad move.

Some proposals:

  • NethGui v2
  • Blackboard
  • NethCockpit
  • Neth-Manager
  • Server-manager
  • NethServer Cockpit
  • NethServer Controlboard
  • NethServer Controlroom
  • Nethboard

What do you think?




NethServer Cockpit
and NethPit ?

Blackboard is a (in my biased opinion very much hated) commercial Electronic Learning Environment. So I don’t think that is a suitable name.

But something like “NethServer Controlroom” or “NethServer Controlboard” could be a reasonable alternative.

Does it need a name? It’s the GUI for the Nethserver. I guess it needs to be distinguished for development purposes, but it isn’t really a separate product that should have a separate name, IMO.


Simply server-manager

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How are you naming it now? GUI for the NethServer? Looks a bit long and not so handy.
We have called it cockpit so far

Are you sure to use a SME name?

I always called it “dashboard”

Well, e-smith is still in there…

Most of the time I call current admin webinterface “Server Manager”…

I’m not. It’s simply the GUI, or the server-manager (15 years with e-smith/SME doesn’t go away quickly). In deference to this not being SME, I’ll sometimes leave out the hyphen and refer to it as the server manager (and I think this is what the docs mostly do). And thus far I haven’t messed with the cockpit GUI, so I haven’t needed to distinguish between the two. At some point, the “new GUI” will become simply the “GUI”, and the old one (if it’s still around at all) will be the “legacy GUI”.

For internal use (certainly for development purposes), we need to distinguish between the two, and for that purpose I guess cockpit is as good as anything. As far as any “release” or documentation would be concerned, though, I’d avoid treating it like a new product, which is what a new name would suggest.

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Otherwise, NethCockpit.

Everything with “Neth” in it would be an interesting case for our Asian friends who do not fully master spoken English.

Putting names on thinks is marketing matter. Therefore, “Control Panel”; which is quite abused by Windows, is still the simplest way to define Cockpit, Webmin, Server Manager or NethGUI.

I got your point, you’re right it isn’t a new product. But it’s a new module, so it’s a new feature and it deserves a new name. If only for marking a break with the past
My question is: are we sure that “cockpit” is the right name?

Dashboard is already a panel in the current version it may cause confusion


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Windows uses the same name. It’s the new server manager (until we drop Nethgui completely)

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i will name this wunderfull peace of software Nethservers Engine Control Room.
In short NECR.