New name for cockpit?

Why not combine the two? NethPit

NethPit = Nethserver + Cockpit


IMHO it is just the GUI management interface, nothing more nothing less. It is not a feature nor is it a special thing. Hence I concurr with @danb35, no new name required if at all. It has been the server manager for decades.

i voto per NetBoard

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I agree and I stand with @LayLow, @danb35 and @robb.

It’s simply the “New Server Manager” or technically “NethServer Cockpit” .
From a developer perspective, it will be simply “Cockpit”.

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Bear with me. It’s not a futile argument. Names are important for people that don’t know the project
It looks like that we can all agree on the “NethServer Cockpit”

  • it’s our own cockpit
  • it keeps the reference with the original project (and from the SEO perspective it doesn’t hurt)
  • it’s the package name
  • good reference to the server “management”

Is it the new server-manager? Yes it is. Is it the new NethGui? Yes it is.

I think it’s a Control Center or Nethserver-Control Center.

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I don’t agree! Cockpit is the name of another software project.

nethserver-cockpit is the name of the RPM, and follows the usual naming scheme.

It’s just NethServer.

I agree with Dan (and I’ll fix the docs by adding the hyphen if necessary)

Ok, so your point is: this the new NethServer interface. Right?
And here we’re going to call “interface”? :slight_smile:
How are you going to call it into the next release notes?

Updated Server Manager ? :wink:

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As said above, “The new Server Manager” …and remove “new” as soon as it becomes the official one.

@danb35 is it more correct to put the dash? (i.e. Server-Manager?)

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Exactly, ‘new’ is relative…

server-manager - :+1:

my contribution ---- NCPanel ( Nethserver Control Panel )

With SME it was always (AFAIK) called the server-manager, since that’s the URL you’d use to reach it. With Neth I’ve more often seen it called the server manager (without the dash). I don’t know that one is better than the other.

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Boss Chamber!

nethserver-cockpit has a new name?

Maybe a selection of proposed alternatives could earn… a poll?

We currently call it cockpit :slight_smile: I guess that it’s the easiest and widespread

Therefore thread could be closed until further changes of mind, i suppose.