Nethserver versions - LTS or regular support patching


I’m looking through the forums/wiki docs on the types of support/versions netserver has. I know the latest version 6.8 is stable and the new version 7 is still in beta. What I’d like to understand is does nethserver have an LTS version (supported for 3-5 years maybe) and a regular version (supported for less than 3 years)? What are the rules around patch support for each version of nextcloud.

I’m just getting into nextcloud to understand it and I’ve downloaded the 6.8 .iso to install it in a VM…but if version 7 is an LTS and it’s expected to be ready soon then perhaps I should wait till version 7 becomes stable so I can dive into using it instead.

Thank you in advance for any advice or direction you can give me on where to find this information.

Hi @greavette, NethServer follows the CentOS support period. We’re now developing new features on 7. NS6 receives our bugfixes and upstream updates.

Please read also this FAQ

Individual packages, like NextCloud may require RPMs from third party repositories. I guess there can be some exceptions to the rules above.


Thank you Davide for the reply and this explanation. I see from this link the support available for CentOS - Looks to have 10 year support for CentOS.

I know this is a hard question to answer as it depends on how many bugs are found in beta…but do you have a guesstimate or expectation on when Nethserver 7 will be a stable release? Is it something that should be released this year even or do you expect it for next year?


We’re moving towards beta2 :grin:

I think we’re reaching Final this fall.


Thanks very much for the info Davide! Great to hear that Nethserver 7 is on it’s way. Gives me time to play around with 6.8 and then plan for my tasks this fall using Nethserver 7.

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