Nethserver use snort instead of suricata


NethServer Version: 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: IPS.

Is there a way to use snort instead of suricata in Nethserver 7.
IT noob, I am sorry if this sounds very obvious or redundant.

We came from snort. Here is a discussion we had about the switch from snort to suricata: Suricata on NethServer? @filippo_carletti can tell you more about the process of changing from snort to suricata.
Most important feature to choose suricata over snort: multi thread (cores) support.
long story short: at the moment suricata is supported and not snort.

instead of installing the IDS (suricata) module, you still can install snort by following the (official) snort install guide for centos 7:


Thank you @robb, for the insight,
The reason I asked this question in the first place, we were used to using snort, and it did not need much of a configuration. But while testing nethserver and suricata, I realized that the more rules I select for suricata,
I lost access to some parts in the nethserver gui (If I select all rules the whole gui becomes inaccessible).

Is there some sort of a guide to configure suricata in nethserver for an office environment?

Or should I select less rules in suricata, and run snort alongside?

Please give me suggestions.

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