NethServer Support Program Feedback

No, I use NethServer at home and in the cloud at the moment.
But my plan is to convince everybody to put minimum one Nethserver to his IT infrastructure. It’s only a question of time…


I’m curious on how much you have saved in terms of HW and licenses :fearful:

You are definitely going to be happy about a news that I’m rolling out :slight_smile:

:smile: :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: Royally f**

Great plan! Do you need any support for that?

HP quote for a HA NAS with 40TB was 80k. The reasonable version of that was still 60k

We now have a non-HA NAS with a backup NAS and an off-site NAS.

7 server licenses and the needed user licenses, given the amount of cores we have (40) would be another 15 or 20k iirc, given 15 users. Virtualization with thinclients like we have now, would have been costly as well and likely skipped due to pricing.

I can go on… an will, in my use-case where I will present numbers and make a solid case to drop windows as a small to medium enterprise, if not just in any case.


Indeed! Your experience would be great on making a solid scenario. I can help with that

Thanks, not yet. But another mission may be to represent NethServer at regional linux events. When I am ready for that I get back to you…
The use-case by @planet_jeroen may be very interesting to convince people because it’s a real life scenario and about saving lot of money for having same or more features.


More. A lot more. The licensing restrictions for M$ and HP and the like, make it so that only a large enterprise will use all features that make life easier.

I am using them as well and almost feel like a robber :stuck_out_tongue:


Split into a new discussion. It’s worth it


That’s an interesting question. What do you think if I try to name these programs?

Nethesis Community Support Program

What we’re discussing here.

Nethesis Reseller Program

The purpose of the Nethesis Reseller program is to enable customers to purchase NethServer Enterprise Edition via a partner who provides fulfillment support as well as first and second tier customer support in local time zone and local language.
Companies who enter into a Nethesis Reseller agreement typically have existing relationships with customers and help them procure information technology products.

What do you think? Is it clearer now?

Yes it is becoming clearer. Thank you for the detailed responses.
I’m not sure if this would apply to everyone, but if you use the name “Community Support Program” it will cause some companies to shy away and not subscribe.

The first one, in my mind, is for consultant that has suggested/installed NethServer for clients, sysadmin that have installed NethServer in their companies.

It is all too common to have the people in charge of making decisions to have limited knowledge of IT, and/or Linux in general (In my Country at least). For the consultant that has NS installed for their Clients or the sysadmins that have it installed in their companies naming the Support “Community Support Program” suggests that it would only be Community support available. Listing it on paper in a budget justification as such would limit decision makers choosing to pay for “Community Support” when comparing it to M$. If the “Community” were dropped, for example making the two paths something like “Nethserver Support Program” and “Partner Program” it would be a much easier “sell” for sysadmins and clients. At least it would where I’m from.


For Companies that offer both, how can they be accommodated in the respect of making it easy for them to manage both.
Example: Company 1234 is a reseller to businesses that have their own in house IT, but Company 1234 also offers Consulting services where they are the IT. Both would need to be managed by Company 1234 but in different ways for different reasons.

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OK, I’m planning to sell my services on installation, this year, and 49$ for the year on each client is not so much, i`m working for small budget companies and 49$ dollars is not so much, is good quality pice of software, stable like a rock, but the normal bugs of a new distro…

First thing I want to thank All the support, in the test environment the only main bug was with the samba, Please take care with elemental services as samba/mail.

I will like to make bussiness with you.


As I understood it, it is completely optional. You will get help on the forum anyway … it’s more for those companies that require certified staff or an option to submit a ticket to be able to adopt Nethserver without getting LPI certified admins for a bunch of low maintenance servers, or those seeking a way to support Nethserver without having to donate.

I don’t think it will be mandatory to have a support contract, to get community support.

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I think that the is peferible to pay instead to have problem with updates, a least have support, to have test enviroment can be so expensive.

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Good point indeed! I like these programs :slight_smile:

  • NethServer Support Program
  • NethServer Partner Program

You can manage your internal installations using the Partner Program too, it’s more flexible.

Hi Hector! Thanks for joining us. How many installations do you have so far? Are you some kind of consultant/freelance? Or IT company?
Thanks for your feedback.

I have experience on Linux since 2001, The only installation of Nethserver is the backup server were we are going to change the network in a commercial center is the only client that I have with linux, they have a SME server that I installed 4 years ago.

I know the problems of linux: Security updates they are the worst thing in CentOS a lot come with viruses and chroot.

I’m a Freelance Consultant with good contacts in comercial centers in Bogota,

The only thing is that don’t make Zentyal Goal: server for 50 people US$350/year is expensive than Windows 2012 service and it comes with a lot of bugs.

A lot of work is coming SEñores!!! NethServer For ever.

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…?? wut ?


Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:


I had the problem 3 times SME server Update and format + backup restore, the update was corrupt To who I Can ask help? MYSELF!! is one of the problems when you don’t pay for the things.

Prefer to pay a little money for a good Quality service It sells more.


I hope you are aware that Nethserver runs on CentOS as well … and I never ever found a virus in an official distro update.

I have no experience with SME server, but help on here is wonderfull. So wonderfull that I, as windows admin, feel confident to adopt Nethserver as a replacement for Windoze :slight_smile:
But even with good quality support, I prefer to test stuff before acting on a live server :wink:


Test Environment, now is easy with virtualization, is the thing taht I do but you can’t probe all the services for example samba, the Bug several weeks ago could damage my reputation, thanks to the forum I didn’t update.

Well in the future I’ll buy more hardware.

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100% agree that testing with virtualization is the way to go. My homeserver is based on Xeon D1521 and running proxmox 5. I can absolutely recommend to go with proxmox as hypervizor.
Future servers I will deploy will go with that for sure.