NethServer: something new to play with

Around 3 years ago @filippo_carletti sent this email to our old Mailing List, many things are changed since then but most of these aims are still true today.!topic/nethserver/QsfTqQTtB5w

NethServer Tribe!! Have a good day :sunglasses:

Thanks also to @davidep for the hint

During the last months, we (Nethesis) tried to build what we think could be a good SME-oriented distro:


Our goals were:

  • simple configuration
  • quick trouble shooting
  • fast development of new features

We think we can achieve those goals with:

  • a new dynamic, streamlined user-interface
  • standard components, tested widespread configurations
  • minimal differences with upstream

We would like to attract developers and sysadmins, so we hope that having a common, well known environment would be a good start.
We use and like Smeserver, we think that templates and events are a great idea, so we retained them, along with the plain text configuration databases in NethServer. We built from scratch the new server-manager interface, in php. We rebuilt the mail server using postfix, amavis and dovecot.

We are still working on many featues and writing documentation for contribs developers, but we hope to have reached a point were an alpha release is good enough to have your opinion.
This alpha release is well tested but not ready for production environments.

NethServer is released under the GPL, development is open, developers are welcome.
You could find more informations on the website:

Please use the NethServer group for support requests, comments and questions:

Thank you.



Poll canceled; see below the new poll

  • Filippo’s post 2013-01-09
  • the first public release of NethServer 2012-12-19

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It’s hard to choose…

So I will try to explain my thoughs…
In general, The first public release could’nt be the birthday date, because normally, there’s RC, betas and Alphas versions…

Is the Filipo’s post is the start or something what already existing? The mailing list already existe at this time, but what about the project, the idea…

I already see something around 2011, or I’m wrong.

sorry but… seeing the kind of answers this kind of question would rise, I wonder if this kind of question should be posted and, after all, have some importance…

You’re absolutely right! The first project commit could also be a good candidate!

Nethgui was the first stone of NethServer: 2011-02-07

Edit: please @alefattorini, could you fix the poll?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: so @davidep’s question have no importance ? And should’nt be posted.
Am I understanding you correctly? What would he have done so bad?

Also the idea can be significant! Here @filippo_carletti and @giacomo can help us to remember; I was too young that time :smile:

In the community, and in the real life, we can’t be always serious, alway treat important subject.

We must laught, make joke, relaxing too.

In Brazil, there’s a way to say it: " Pega leve !" :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I’m totally with you on that one :point_up_2:

you’re getting me wrong…

only who released the first public release of NS can say when he did… community can’t know what happened before the community itself did not exist.

so it’s up to you, dev/nethesis guys to say us “oh, dear, Ns is 3 years old today”, not us to guess it :wink:

I tend to agree too…

the problem raises where the “joke” posts are a number comparable with the “serious” ones…

let’s say I want to try NS for my enterprise and/or to sell solutions NS based to my customers… I can choose to buy the enterprise support or just to have support from the community…

well, I have no problems to say that even if NS is indeed a big and good piece of sw, I’d no choose it, cause, from my point of view, community is just too “relaxed”…

as always, all IMVHO

Please try with a new one (can’t edit the old one) just added more options

What is the NethServer birthday?

  • First post on mailing list by Filippo 2013-01-09
  • First public release of NethServer: NSA1 (6.3 alpha1) 2012-12-19
  • First idea of the project 2010-10-16
  • First Nethgui commit 2011-02-07
  • First post on 2015-02-16

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The fist Alpha version?

Here are some links to clarify the options above:

  1. First ML post:!topic/nethserver/QsfTqQTtB5w
  2. First release:
  3. First idea: ??? who owns a picture ???
  4. First commit:
  5. First post here: (?) Welcome to NethServer Community

I’d like to celebrate the day when NethServer became a community project. So I vote 1.

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Technically, it should be NSA1,
but with te explanation and the first option that mean the day NethServer became a community project. I balance :smiley:

It’s clear, thank you

So, we want a birthday cake for the 2015-12-19.
And, as we have lot of respect for @filippo_carletti, another cake for 2016-01-09 :laughing:

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