Shellinabox is a defunct software, that has just been forked, and the development is now running ->

Thanks to and all unknown heroes.

I took my source from Epel, think before to enable the repository.
Add EPEL repo:

yum localinstall

Disable it:

eorepo centos-base centos-updates nethserver-base nethserver-updates

then you can install nethserver-shellinabox

yum install --enablerepo=epel

A panel is available in the security category for managing shellinabox, if you want to allow users, go to the user panel and check the relevant box

see the database

# config show shellinaboxd 
    FixedIP=                          # IP1,IP2,IP3
    Name=shell                      # http://IP/shell (can be changed)
    PublicAccess=private       # web access (private or public or IP)
    ShellUsers=                     # user1,user2,user3 (admin user is written in the rock of template)
    TCPPort=1870                 # deamon port (can be changed)
    WebAuth=disabled           # disabled or enabled (allow an apache authentication)
    access=none                   # only used by the deamon, don't change it
    status=enabled                # enabled or disabled

when you modify something, do

 signal-event nethserver-shellinabox-save

for example

config setprop shellinaboxd  PublicAccess IP FixedIP, ShellUsers toto,titi,tutu 
signal-event nethserver-shellinabox-save

I use an apache reverse proxy, therefore apache is here to allow users.

if PublicAccess=private then you have no apache authentication, juts the ssh login but you can specify it with WebAuth=enabled (private would mean that it can be used only on the local network)

If you set to PublicAccess=public (whole internet) then you need to use the user admin, or any specified users at ‘ShellUsers’ (comma separated list)

If you are paranoid you can specify a list of allowed IP to use shellinabox, the apache authentication is a mandatory here.

FixedIP=IP1,IP2,IP3 #(comma separated list)

You can access shellinabox pointing your browser to:

A valid NFR could be to display shellinabox directly in the server-manager but yet I don’t know how to do it, if you have clues, that would be good.

The good user experience depends of your browser, chromium, unfortunately, is known to be good, Firefox has one issue, the middle click paste function is prohibited for security reason. I raised a bug report, but the patch is not yet implemented in epel.


Great work! Love it, a lot.
The middle click paste function makes the difference! That’s superhandy and the shell is very fast :+1:

What do you think Dev Team and Testing Team? @Stll0, @alep, @davidep, @filippo_carletti, @giacomo @vcc, @Adam, @medworthy, @fasttech, @mabeleira, @GG_jr, @dz00te
Would we help @stephdl to test and improve it?

Yes, but I already like it in /shell and linked into the dasboard! For me is enough
Looks more important a Web panel for activate / deactivate the service or public it

@stephdl jus a few comments, you should add on the TOP these commands or link to an existing howto like this.

Add EPEL repo:

yum localinstall

Disable it:

eorepo centos-base centos-updates nethserver-base nethserver-updates

Can I edit your post making strong this sentence? you have a link in the dashboard to use shellinabox
And adding:

You can access shellinabox pointing your browser to:


the panel is done, the inline help page are not yet done, WIP, see the first post to install nethserver-shellinabox-0.0.4


we should add a link in the left menu that pop-up a window with the shell.
Just to be easy accessible. Or even make it accessible as a normal tab in the UI.

It is really a great addition to the UI.


Or in the application tab in the Dashboard?
Or in the left menu in "administration"
Or both.

Take a look at the first post. Dasboard → Application → shellinabox

Help pages are incorporated install nethserver-shellinabox-0.0.5

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WebUI enhanced install nethserver-shellinabox-0.0.6


Just updated
Checkbox on user panel is pretty nice! :smile:

new version nethserver-shellinabox-0.0.7

Just upgraded but I can’t figure out which are the news :smile:

A link in the panel and some translations


Because you don’t read github! :stuck_out_tongue:

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TouchĂš! :sweat_smile:

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@alefattorini i want to edit my first post
it is not possible
why ?

Could you re-try? There is a timeout for editing post.

It is now editable, but why I cannot before??? after a long time we cannot edit our messages ?

You should update nethserver-shellinabox, else you will have an error 502

yum install --enablerepo=epel
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I wikified it, it’s a better solution.

Thanks for your update :wink:

You can thank luka Krajger who brings to life this dead project.

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