NethServer parallel to the Zentyal AD server


I’m coming from Zentyal as well and tried a migration. I installed NS parallel to the Zentyal AD server and registered all users and mail adresses in NS. So I could smoothly move the mail server from Zentyal to NS.
Then I shut down the Zentyal server and switched the NS windows network role to primary domain controller. But what is this? After a reboot all records in the NS webmin are gone! No services, no users, no mail adresses. I had to return to the zentyal ADS in order to be able to login to the domain and its services. But the mails arrive, so the addresses are still registered. It’s just a problem of the web administration.
Can anyone explain what happened?



in the first case you were using users FROM zentyal, so external users… you were refering to them.

then you tell NS to be a domain controller (NOT an AD one, but a NT Style one) and so to use only internal users…

if you want to migrate you have first to migrate all your users…

I suggest you to read the documentation too… you need to know the differences between AD member setup and PDC setup



I think you misunderstood. I did register all users in the NS server. So when NS should start as a PDC, all users were already internal users. And I did read the documentation, of course. So, what else can I do?


yes, re reading you and your last post makes sense…

what you’re describing should not happen at all, you’d be able to switch from workgroup member to any other working mode retaining your users and email…

try to take a look at /var/log/messages for error and check your accounts db with

db accounts show | grep user

to check if your user account are still there (I’m quite sure they are)

Yes, they are. I see that some subdirectories of /var/lib/nethserver have a strange group number (5007). What would be the correct ownership?

to specify my question: Which group name should the directory /var/lib/nethserver/secrets have (and the files therein). It looks like that being a point to correct.

Regards - R.

Do you have already fix your issue? Any help needed?


I reinstalled NS from scratch. Now it’s okay.


good for you :smile:

but in this way we can’t diagnose the issue :frowning:

Switching the server role from ‘ad member server’ to pdc had distorted
all permissions in “/var/lib/nethesis” compared with those in the newly
installed system.

Maybe that helps.

Yes, that’s a problem. If you have an AD (M$, Samba, etc), it has the uid’s of the users. When you shut it down, a take over must be performed before.
In some servers that’s a feature available, but I guess Samba4 is required for that.
So, I think you can not do it in NS right now (at least, for now I couldn’t find it).

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