Building the Arm Team

Over the last period I have seen some people spending much time on NethServer spin for ARM :two_men_holding_hands:

That’s an awesome job and I’d like to support the efforts building a new small group of guys and suggest our super ARM man @mark_nl as coordinator and leader of such amazing team :muscle:

@dz00te @jackyes are the first names that came to mind as members :medal: but the group is open to everyone who shows his effort on developing our ARM spin!

Finally @mark_nl will be able to add people to the group by himself :wink:

Just added a brand new badge for our coordinators!


Congratulations to our team coordinators! :tada:

I’m here to help adapting the YUM repository infrastructure to support the new architecture(s)!


Thank you!

I’d like that, once it is mature and tested it can get a nice place in the nethserver/nethforge repository :raised_hands: