Nethserver-NFS think tank

As I promised to @gerald_FS I started to look after NFS and the shared folder, don’t hold your breath it is really the beginning of the search. However it is time to hear your needs and how you want it.

Firstly I found that the linux acl is working well even with nfsV3, but the drawback is that the acl GID or acl UID must be clear and set recursively to the shared folder.

what I did:

you set the export

[root@NS7DEV ~]# cat /etc/exports

restart nfs service

then you set acl GID on /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/toto

[root@NS7DEV ~]# setfacl -P -R -m g:1000:rwX,d:g:1000:rwX /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/toto
or for user
[root@NS7DEV ~]# setfacl -P -R -m u:1000:rwX,d:u:1000:rwX /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/toto

‘1000’ matches the gid/uid on my remote client

after that on the client

mount toto

so in the new plugin Ibay panel we need to create

  • nfs settings
  • IP/Network grant
  • ACL grant for the remote client

I tried to use the acl field of the shared folder but it cannot be used to set a numeric UID/GID.

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Isn’t there a uid/gid mapping feature in NFS client?

something that we can call directly from the client side ?

only NFSV4 handles the acl, but I believe it is not compatible with the posix acl

@nas @islipfd19 @rasi @Ctek @Chewi will likely have some insights on this topic

I know I haven’t posted since December but I’m still interesting in this, just focused on other things.

I’m not quite sure what you meant by this. The setfacl stuff looks good, that’s exactly what I had in mind. For mapping, NFSv4 has idmapd, which is trivial to set up. See my earlier post.


any chance to get a real howto with detailed commands ?

It could save my time, thank in advance @Chewi

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Thinking a bit about it, I can see different authorization mechanism between Samba and NFS protocols: Samba access is user based, while NFS is IP based.

I suggest to move to a simpler scenario: when NFS access is enabled on a shared folder, Samba access is possible only as guest. In this case you shouldn’t care about ACLs.

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It is one way probably less risky to break something, but I’m not sure that it is what our end-users are waiting for.

I will try the @Chewi way and report it, my first attempt works (with nfs3, not tested with nfs4), you don’t really need to allow the IP, just the network range and the ‘RW’ are needed, after all is managed by the Ibay acl that you must adapt following the clients who want to access. (see my first post)

Of course when you play with ACL, then I suppose that the same GID/UID will be allowed also in Samba :slight_smile:

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I would really stick with NFSv4. I’m not sure that v3 has all the features we need and I find v4 performs much better. I don’t know why people still bother with v3 on servers, v4 is backwards compatible with v3 clients.


As a first step, I agree with Giacomo: I’d go with IP based access. This simple authorization method works great with backup solutions!

User-level access requires authentication, and AFAIK NFS uses kerberos. Now, our Kerberos DC is Active Directory. But with AD we already have SMB as file access protocol.

So I wouldn’t consider NFS user-level access a priority, unless we start to develop the support to another Kerberos-capable account provider (FreeIPA?) …but I might be wrong!

NFS works with Samba as the Kerberos provider! I didn’t even have to do anything special except:

net -u administrator ads keytab add nfs

Assuming you’ve joined the domain with realmd, just mount the share with Kerberos enabled in the usual way.


@Chewi thanks for answering my call :slight_smile: and for your comment on phoronix. Didn’t know you’re a senior member over there.
Talking about NFS which scenarios are we covering here? That aren’t already achieved by CIFS?

It doesn’t mean anything except I post too much. :grin:

I don’t think this is so much about what NFS can do that CIFS can’t. Some people just don’t want to use CIFS and my colleague said it’s dog slow on a remote connection. Not that we’ve tried NFS remotely but I suspect it will be better.

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I have another member probably interested in this cause :slight_smile:

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Wanted to ask if there is progress?

I would like to use it between my SatReceiver (openatv) as well as my Linux computers and NethServer.


Well sorry I have not much worked on it, due to the global warming…12° with sun…it is like in july. I went out all the day with my bike.


Of course, better than sitting in front of a monitor! :smiley:

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Does kerberos logs something…somewhere ???
@davidep @giacomo

[lsd@leo ~]$ sudo mount -t nfs4 -o sec=krb5p toto/
[sudo] Mot de passe de lsd : 
mount.nfs4: access denied by server while mounting

no luck :wink:

still in progress…I have a log

mars 01 21:59:47 leo.lan rpc.gssd[4111]: ERROR: gssd_refresh_krb5_machine_credential: no usable keytab entry found in keytab /etc/krb5.keytab for connection with host ns7dev3
mars 01 21:59:47 leo.lan rpc.gssd[4111]: ERROR: No credentials found for connection to server ns7dev3
mars 01 21:59:47 leo.lan rpc.gssd[4111]: WARNING: gssd_clnt_gssd_cb: failed reading request
lines 495-547/547 (END)
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Kerberos is really tricky, I quite dislike it :smiley:

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