I’m thinking loudly if a tool to test the network configuration exists, I mean that experimented system administrator won’t need it, but I see here people who are not really at ease when you speak to open a terminal, and after that they don’t know what you need to write in it :slight_smile:

In a lot of router we have a network diagnostic tool, why not here.

My concern is that it cannot be an additional module, because when you need it, you cannot install an optional module if you face some misconfigured network settings. Therefore the module should be installed with the base.

I could see a tab panels module where each additional module could put there a test of the services they brings, but at least I would see

ip addr
ip route

of course we will have the choice to change the host as wanted.

@dev_team what do you think ?


I think it’s a good idea.
The only problem I see is dealing with the js framework :wink:


I’m really not a js expert… I will try a POC

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I’m a huge fan of improvements like that, helping people “not at ease when you speak to open a terminal” should be one of our main goals as NethServer community.
Suggested something similar in an old post

Looking forward to seeing your POC :yum:


Les grands esprits se rejoignent toujours :wink:

Sure you get the idea a long time before me…but we are looking in the same direction.

I’m in holiday with my childrens currently, my poor wife is working…i started something but the time is missing

Don’t wanna claim credit for the idea :slight_smile: just to say that we’re on the same page

something workable, it lacks translations and a better validator (IP or HOSTNAME or EMPTY)

yum install

not coded in JS, I don’t know at all :cry:


something a bit more finished :slight_smile:

source ->

to tests

yum install

For Now only for NS7, we can think for NS6, it should work smoothly (just IP, ping, nslookup, traceroute command)


we could display also the external IP, it could help


great! :clap: tnx for that, i hope it will be included in the base installation of ns7

yes i think it could be useful for troubleshooting

what do you think also on a Mail tab with:

  • button to simply send mail to configured root account (to see if the alert are correctly received)
  • send mail to: selectable destination email address

reinstall the rpm, now the external IP is displayed :slight_smile:

As I said, it is a tab based panel, once installed, every service can display its tests, so why not :slight_smile:


Wow, super useful for our not CLI expert users :slight_smile:

Love that but you should activate it only if nethserver-mailserver is installed


mhhh i’m not sure… my idea is primarily to check if the server send correctly mail to my admin account (internal or external if configured in root>profile from gui)
something like this:

am i missing something other to test?

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Just catch the output error if something is wrong

well, we need to find the most verbose command to send an email by the command line

one example is

echo "Subject: test" | /usr/lib/sendmail -v root
echo "Subject: test" | /usr/lib/sendmail -v

my concern is if you want to deliver the email, you must/should use a smarthost relay, else you will be spammed by email server, of course maybe not yours on localhost.

did you have some Ideas, or comment dzoote ?

well something workable to send email, even without the email server stuff installed (postfix is from base, I use sendmail)

my concern is if I can send a message to root or to another external user (if the smart host relay is configured) the output of the ‘Mail Delivery System’ is directed to the root email, and it is not easy to retrieve it because with the resticted permission, we cannot let other users (like srvmgr) reads it.

If the email is not received by the user, then the sysadmin should go himself to roundcube or sogo and see what is wrong in the webmail. My issue is unix permission

try this

yum install

a tab mail test is there

if you want to see the report, do in a terminal ‘mailx’ or use the webmail


Great tool!

Exactly that has still missing, now one needs the commano line only very rarely :wink:

Thank you @stephdl


Really excellent work!

I couldn’t do it better :wink:

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Thanks @giacomo :slight_smile:

new version of nethserver-diagtools

yum install

Improvements are

  • stderr are redirected in nethgui (useful when a dns issue)
  • Traceroute doesn’t try to solve dns name (useful when a dns issue)
  • Values to decrease the timeout are removed (please try it with the internet cut)

things to do :

  • add translations, need to understand how it works :slight_smile:
  • ask to be integrated to the core
  • do the work to be accepted as a core package