Nethserver LDAP Xwiki

anybody who succesfully connected Xwiki to the LDAP server from nethserver? I have a working example for connecting to a MS AD but this doesn’t work with de LDAP server on NethServer

#-# Turn LDAP authentication on - otherwise only XWiki authentication
#-# - 0: disable
#-# - 1: enable
#-# The default is 0

#-# LDAP Server (Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenLDAP, etc.)
#-# The default host is localhost
#-# The default port is 389 (636 if xwiki.authentication.ldap.ssl is enabled)

#-# LDAP credentials, empty = anonymous access, otherwise specify full dn
#-# {0} is replaced with the user name, {1} with the password

#-# The Base DN used in LDAP searches

Hi @Team_ICT

Most PHP and JAVA applications require valid SSL certs (eg LetsEncrypt).
I’m using NethServer’s AD with a JAVA application which requires a valid SSL cert.
I managed to get this working by using the LE certs in the Container for AD, automatically copied over each time LE Upgrades. The AD name is an alias in the NethServer LE request.

See here:

and search for this: " The next step will make sure that java and other more strict apps can connect to the AD and use it :"

I’m running this at home - and for several of my clients. It just works!

And PHP and JAVA applications now accept the AD without issues!

Hope this helps!

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