NethServer Installation Map

Continuing the discussion from 2000 Nethserver instances in the world!:

This isn’t the phone home but just servers installed this year, not active too:
What about? :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum:

Lot of African countries dismiss to use NethServer…
I can’t imagine a problem of language… English is the most speaken in the world and sysadmin practise english ( even badly like me :grin:)… Perhaps the PPoE feature come too late :confounded:

What about the Kazakstan? There’s two instances but not colored ?

And the guy in Georgia, the US state make me laught :joy: He don’t want to be part of the USA.

But In the active installation, it’s a good surprise, the past week it was 1946 active installations… In one week, we gain around 100 installations… Not bad :grinning: