NethServer in Wikipedia


I was looking in Wiipedia all firewall distributions…

And Nethserver isn’t here. :unamused:
Is someone here have a login account on Wikipedia to complete this page? :grinning:

Uh, yes please!

Great idea I think, please someone do it! It could be worth a sticker :smile: :gift:

I do agree that NS should have an own page on wikipedia. However, be aware of the wikipedia stasi (=old school moderators) I have been working on Zentyal wiki page and got all my contributions reversed/deleted by some mod that thought my contributions were too ‘colored’.
Because of this, I have very much problems with wikipedia as a platform. As long the moderation is biased as it is now, I don’t see the effort is worth it. [/biased rant]

Do you have an account to complete the linked paged

I added NethServer to the list. Hope the wikipedia nazi’s will allow the addition…
Now a dedicated NethServer page needs to be created. Who want to take this on? (or maybe do a team effort…)


Thank you @robb,

Just a little precision, Nethserver is only X86-64, not x86, x86-64

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Fixed it.
Already saw the first revision from the wikipedia nazi’s:
NethServer was removed from the table after I added it… Wikipedia is such a pain… :-/

Anyway. Who wants to work on a NethServer page on wikipedia? should be created.

We’re here too:

@alefattorini: That’s the entry I added :wink:

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Is there any volunteer for creating a comprehensive page? :smile:

@robb the tyranic wikipedia admin left the place…

Can you create the Nethserver page?

Ok… I made a draft that is not yet published.
Anyone can chip in to add/change content.

find the draft at

Use to comment/discuss the content with other contributors.

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May i suggest to split sections among different community members?

By all means! Go ahead and pick your cherries. If you want to do a part, please do so.

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I’ve started listing features and apliccations, and add point to the index,
this is my first wikipedia experience, so i’m playing around and writing
down some thoughts


Hello everyone!

My name is Federica and I work in Nethesis.
I’d like to write about Nethserver in Wikipedia.

Has anyone already written in Wikipedia?
Would you like to help me?


Some people say it’s hard to get a Wikipedia page…

Is it true?

NS ancestor, SME server, has one

Well, i tried (without registration) to create one, and it got rejected.
Someone will be luckier than me.


@federica.tomassoni @davidep et voilà! wait for your instructions :smile: