NethServer in Wikipedia

(HF) #21

Ask them nicely. I know ‘we’ did at that time.

(Michael Kicks) #22

@federico.ballarini please add the stub template.
And consider also the opportunity to bring the page to the EN version.

(Federico Ballarini) #23

Yes, I only “blocked” the page… now we can create whatever we wants -> english is a priority! :wink:

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #24

just a little hacking of this thread to say : hello @federica.tomassoni nice to see you here

sorry for the noise

(Rob Bosch) #25

@federica.tomassoni I am glad to see you here. Another Nethesis employee that joins the community! A few years ago I gave it a try to start writing a NethServer wikipedia page, but was stopped by the wikipedia police. Probably there were good reasons to decline the proposal, but my experience with wikipedia (because of this “moderation” behavior) is very negative. I can understand they want to maintain some quality standard, but (IMO) in contrast to what they claim, the wikipedia moderators are not that helpful in getting you on the right track.
I don’t know how things are now. Policy might have changed.
I do agree that the NethServer project not only deserves a dedicated wikipedia page. It just should be there.
So, even I am quite sceptical about wikipedia, I will try to help building the NethServer wikipedia page, just because I think there must be one available.
Anyone else want to help? Then we could create a @wikipedia_team so we can discuss what we want to have in the wikipedia page.
BTW… should there be 2 pages? one for the project and one for the community or should there be one for NethServer project with a mentioning of the community as a paragraph?

(HF) #26

KISS, so 1 page only IMHO