Nethserver future version 7

hello guys I wanted to know when there will be 'the second chance you to try also the future version 7 and when it will be available

You’d tell us what’s wrong with the current one and why do you need a new one…
Centos7 is quite different from centos6 (systemd anybody?)

There`s nothing wrong with Nethserver 6.6 in my opinion.

But Netserver is Centos based and If the mainstream is 7.0 or 7.1, why not simply have a Nethserver 7.0 or 7.1 ?

Because “simply” means a quite different underlying OS, different (major) version of many daemons… a quite different world.
If you really think is a matter of “simply” move from 6 to 7, you’re wrong
Moreover, we’re talking about a server distro so, unless you need to support bleeding edge hw, you don’t need a new server release
Finally, if you are using enterprise class hardware, you’d choose RH certified hw and you’re done…

Two things:
1- I’m using a HP Microserver Gen8, on the HP site, this one is on the enterprise class hardware… And I`m not using RH :smiley:

2- In the future, It certainly will exist CentOS 8, 9. 10…with their respectives evolutions.
I dont think its “simply” stupid to ask about a Nethserver 7.

The Nethserver team must think about the future and how to adapt the bunch of softwares before the step become too big.
And CentOS 7 is one year old, yet.

IMO, the NethServer version must not to be related to CentOS version, or viceversa.
Major improvements for NethServer can lead to changing the version number.
These improvements can appear for more times for the same CentOS version.

Or, major improvements for CentOS that lead to changing the version number, may not lead to changing NethServer version number.

Generally, major improvements to the operating system, lead to improvement of applications.

Since NS uses centos as underlying OS, and centos is 99.9999% RH, you’re using, de facto, RH… choosing hw certified for RH will assure you won’t have any kind of compatibility issue, that’s a fact (15 years of experience)

NS’ team IS thinking about moving to centos 7, but unless you don’t need it to use newer hw, I repeat, you don’t really need it and there’s no hurry.

Finally, NS is driven by the community, so you can/could/should take centos7 and install NS on top of it, trying to help the devs, otherwise the only thing to do is wait.

NethServer 7 is still in alpha. See Looking forward to NethServer 7 for more informations.
Everybody could test it and report problems, but I think it’s still too early to have a wide audience.

@GG_jr, we will try to keep version number aligned to CentOS, but we may change idea.

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Hi Filippo,

Thank you because you have taken into account my ideas.

My point of view is that NS can have major improvements faster than CentOS.
That mean evolution.


that means that we (the community) have to maintain all… and it’s, in one word, impossible.

Hello Stefano,

I don’t want to be misunderstood and don’t want minimize your huge work to make and maintain this project (You, the Community, the NS Team).

What I want to say is that the improvements to the NS are not related to CentOS versions: the new Dashboard, PPPoE module, the new Software Center and many others which you know better than me, the future Backup module and many future modules, or improvements to the actual modules.
All this may lead (not must lead) to a new version of the NS. But I think this is only the option of the Project Manager.

Kind regards,

That’s right we can add those improvements on a 6.7 version without the need to move on 7, but speaking about 7 it’s ok for me.

Just to summarize the current versioning rules:

  • The NethServer version is the same of the base CentOS system. The hw compatibility recalled by @zamboni is a good reason.
  • Individual RPMs have their version numbers

See also

Now that 6.7 has come out, we could immediately release a new NethServer 6.7 Beta ISO, based on CentOS 6.7 ISO. Then develop new features that will be included in the 6.7 Final ISO. What do you think?

Hi Davide,

Everything that is written above make sens.

I just told my view consistent with other reviews.
I think it is also an image perception.
Let me explain this.
As I said, to change an OS version takes a long time (4 years, maybe more). When I look for an app, first I see the version and maybe when the app was upgraded last time. I don’t see the packages version only if I am looking deeper.
Personal, I always look for docs (Admin Manual, User Manual, …). But the first impression is: The app is old! I’m looking for something else newer!

Maybe a link to

added to

(Something like “About version numbering rules”)

is welcome.

Thank you for listening!

Kind regards,

Which app? Can you provide some examples?

Whaouh… It`s let me doubtful:
For a server ( and a gateway/firewall ) I want a rock solid (old) software.
For a bleeding edge software, perhaps Fedora is more approppriate…

I’ve tested and installed nethserver 7 and didn’t see anything that makes
the difference.

Whats the rush on the upgrade to 7?

I meant centos 7 instead of nethserver 7 :smiley:

Honestly, at this point I do not have examples but if I lose some time, I’ll definitely find (sure I met this situation in more than 20 years of experience). It was more a figure of speech.

A rhetorical question (because I’ve read all your posts):
Why do you use (or want to use) NethServer?
Because is “a rock solid (old) software” or because the project is based on a new concept, is open to new ideas from everybody and maybe will be one of the best free All in One product?

Can we have different opinions and still do this together? I think yes!

<"One more reason to do this: Because “Yes, we can”.
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