NethServer for dummies: File Server

#NethServer for Dummies
##File Server

I have a dream: find a business that hasn’t a server and be the first to put it there.
Unfortunately my dream rarely come true.
Most of business already have a server or a NAS or worst share data across their PC, very often you can live a nightmare if the business made an illogical use of these elements.How can I place NethServer to simplify management and improve reliability and security?
There is just one answer: a good analysis.
Only with a complete analysis of the computers, services and data involved you will have chances to win.

##Starting analysis
Chek listis

  • there a server, a NAS or a PC that share data with other computers?
  • how many shared folders exist?
  • which is total amount of data for each shared folder?

On NethServer
NethServer can act as simple and powerful file server allowing you to quickly create shared folders as well as configuring them.
When you have completed to collect information of shared data in the company you should:

  1. if possible and if there is the need, reorganize data sharing simplifying it. Many times companies have shared data by themselves without the mechanism of who can do what on data. Basic rules are to organize data by division eg. management, accounting etc. then you will get the list of shared folders to create. Not bad.
  2. Organize users in groups to easily manage access rights to shared folders. This assuming that you have already create user accounts or they come from the preexistent domain controller.
  3. Planning to copy shared data from old source to the new one NethServer’s shared folder(s). Consider the total amount of data to transfer, if you have several GBs of data you could do the task during night time or even in the week end to reduce unavailability of data for users.