NethServer Docker 1.0.1 released

Are you sure ? Because the web interface actually runs perfectly but when pihole is set as DNS server it doesn’t resolve anything !

you miss the secret settings probably

:joy: what do you mean ?? :joy:

Haaaaaa. I missed that new module ! :star_struck: Actually I simply ran the pihole container as mentioned in mr_markus’s doc.

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Relative to pihole I found that my router (livebox4) has continued to serve DNS via IPV6 even If I do not use it. I needed to fully disable IPV6 else the Android/apple mobile still continued to bypass pihole even if the dhcp service attributed the IP of pihole as the dns server

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I can confirm this, I needed to delete the IPv6 ULA-Prefix in my openwrt wlan router to disable IPv6 autoconfig of LAN devices.

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we will need it in the documentation, the module is not finished yet…Maybe I will have time on Tuesday, this wk it is my first corona free wk…I go out of home


Enjoy it!

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Wah, Thank you @mrmarkuz and @stephdl for tremendous Job.

How come i did not see this announcement before. the way i was stressing with Docker things. this is crazy.

Also, just curios, can i install and Run mailcow inside the docker container?

I suppose yes but a mail server is quite complicated and made from several pieces

Why is NEthserver docker not appearing in My software Center?

you have not upgraded to 7.8 ?

it is 7.8


It makes use of docker compose and port redirection that wants to use ports already in use by Nethserver. It installs 18 (!) containers and you need to change from port redirection to aeria bridge so it’s not easy to install.

I can confirm it’s not listed, maybe with next update, please use cli (yum install nethserver-docker) as workaround.

Thank you for saving me the trouble.

I was about to begin installation. it would have givene me lots of headaches and wastade time, for not knowing what moving parts are required

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Why would you want to? What does it do that Neth’s built-in mail server doesn’t?

Multi tenancy Email.
I have multiple small businesses that require email.

I am trying to figure out the best solution to use to offer them Email. As well as Nextcloud.
Mailcow because it can be used to authenticate nextcloud instances.

The businesses are too small, and deploying a single nethserver instance for each does not make sense, both for my management, and they dont have IT guys to manage that

Ontop of That i am also trying to figure out, if i can have multiple nextcloud instances running inside the portainer

Yep, a definite hole in Neth’s feature set.