Nethserver-discourse module?


What about a nethserver-discourse module ? I really like that tool (it’s the engine powering this nethserver community platform for those wondering) and I’m thinking to use it as a internal communication portal for our teams at work.

There is a community version that presents itself as a Docker container. Looks easy to deploy.

That would be great to have a module that would automate the installation, take care of the backups, …

What do you think ?


I would love to see the greatest forums platform available on NethServer! However, if it comes to (real time) communication, wouldn’t nethserver-mattermost be a more suitable option?

Sadly it’s not. Currently Docker doesn’t play very well with Shorewall. :frowning:
We tried to implement some workarounds in the past but still we haven’t a good solution.

Of course :wink: The main current limit of mattermost is the lacking of ldap integration in the community release.

Thanks for the insights.

@giacomo thanks for the heads up. I’ll wait until nethserver-docker is supported :slight_smile:

@robb, I didn’t know that product. My goal is organising and tracking internal discussions (instead of sending emails), not real time.

That said, it could be an interesting alternative to the jabber server. I really don’t like the XMPP protocol and it’s clients, especially the way it organises group chats. It’s so nineties !

Sadly the lack of LDAP integration is a no go for most of us I guess.

Hi @pagaille
The NethServer devs have started to work on cockpit as a replacement for NethGui, the web admin interface. Cockpit is not only a great tool to manage services, but it also can manage docker images. It would be nice to see if it could bypass the CentOS/NethServer limitations for Docker.
More info on nethserver-cockpit: Cockpit preview

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Didn’t know that Cockpit was a lot more than a UI framework. Looks cool !

We are using mattermost as a replacement for jabber. The switch has been straightforward. We had only a couple of rooms in jabber, we are using about 10 channels now. Threading is a killer feature. But pinning and flagging a message are useful functions.

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