NethServer Ddclient repository error 404

The repository is down, you know what happens?

@stephdl is this on your server? Can we move it inside the forge?


I did a restore last week and something was wrong on the neth side.

Sorry it could be normal now :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have not much free time, I have never talked about me but I’m a (core) developer of another Linux distro and They need me at 200%. I don’t want to talk, I rather prefer actions.

The best thing to do could be to import all rpms to nethforge, however tests and documentation will be up to you ->

You are a rising community and the actions you make or the choices you take will create or not the good equation of a sustainable development. You are at a crossroad, please take the good direction.


Thanks Bro.

waiting to see what will happen to your contrib, I downloaded the file and made a few fork on github, not to lose your job. Thanks for your great work, good luck and i hope to see you soon again. :beers:

No problem, all is there

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