NethServer should take the good direction

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Ehi man, please help us to take the good direction. I’m really curious about your point of view.
What do you suggest? How can we create a sustainable development?
Please, be part of that.
You’re using this words “You are a rising community” so are you’re in such community or not? :smile:
I would rather you were using “We” not “You” :smiley:

Like it, NethServer Community needs especially people like you. But not everybody is able to code so we try everyday alternative path to contribute to the project.


As developers and maintainers of the infrastructure we are ready to get further steps to ease new contributors.
Let us know what you need! :smile:

Just to let you know, we are testing a new machine (built with Ansible) to allow the publication of new rpms directly into official nethforge repository and testing core repository.

One of my mentors learned me to never lock a door behind you, competitors can be your friends of tomorrow. So I won’t shot down the work done, the rising community and people I met here.

But it is time to go for now.

The good direction since you are asking for my point of view, is One community. I’m younger in our common history and I was not here during the gold age of sme, so I can’t give bad and good points to people, I’m free of anger and disillusion but I have understood that fear, worries are on the two sides.

I’m sure that people (I can’t talk in their name) share my opinion and behalf our differences and cultures are agreed. We used to play with template, db, perl, rpm and it is what is lacking to the neth community…on a nethserver you never use a compilator, alway use rpm, never modify configuration files…always use templates and use db to store settings…and so long.

This is not a farewell, just a goodbye

@giacomo it is a good project to allow external people to push directly in nethforge, I lacked it :slight_smile:


I’m sad today :disappointed:
Good luck buddy. Hope to see you around sometime soon

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