NethServer Conference in Italy, Sept 29-30 2017

I think that could work. Will you collect all requests so you can guard the quality of the presentations?

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To get started, I can collect some proposals Title + Abstract
Do you want to discuss all of these suggestions there?

Oh, i envy those who live nearby!

Wish i could!

Maybe next time :slight_smile: , so for those who are going, do discuss the integration of others opensource packages, like, PHPbb, OpenFire, GLPI. And please, native integration with other cloud services to backup like DropBox/OneDrive/Gdrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am i asking too much?! For a AIO linux distribution to be so perfect?!

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Very good idea. I’ll save the dates yet…

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Great idea, marked in my calendar

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@ssabbath did you miss this? NextCloud has already a great integration with those services.

@roberto.schiano @netbix happy to hear it :slight_smile: I’ll keep you in touch.

I´m also thinking of joining this event- probably I could present our change from Zentyal to Nethserver last Jan/Feb and implications in a medical institution.


It would be amazing man :slight_smile: so many Zentyal users will be glad to attend your talk.
@MarianH @Rustie @icebal @robb @drivemeca @douglasdiasn @Zoltan_Polyak @panzerphreak @tchenier @greavette @Tom @firsttiger @jrab66 @cswain @MrE @wombat77 @christian


By the way,all is still working fine and except the nextcloud problem, which you solved brilliantly we had no real problems so far at all in a real life situation

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@iglqut: I will be delighted to meet you in Italy! I do hope more community members will join and apply to do a talk about their experiences with NethServer and Opensource.


Yup, i have GLPI installed in two of my nethserver firewalls around the world :astonished: lol! :slight_smile: i know it works pretty well. I have openfire on ClearOS too, it works pretty well.

I know it is possible, but i would love some integration in the “software center” of them, to make them “officially” supported :smiley: , i´m just giving some ideas… thats all, i know it is a LOT to do, documentation and all, but i think thats something really good that people can enjoy.

(The Offspring - Now that’s something everyone can enjoy!)

And for the Cloud integration, all i´ve seen is a Dropbox integration in NextCloud and it does not allow me to put sync my fileserver files there, what i meant was a native integration for the fileserver. I´m currently testing OneDrive-D OneDrive Free Client and GitHub - xybu/onedrive-d-old: Microsoft OneDrive client on Linux.

Already booked a room- comin’with my wife- looking forward to see you! :grin:


I’d like to discuss and start development of NethServer 8!


This is talking :slight_smile:

:yum: what do you think @stephdl ? @davidep any specific topic? How can we organize such discussion?


  1. A framework for NethServer 8 User Interface
    evaluate alternatives to Nethgui
  2. esmith library for NethServer 8
    evolution of the events/templates system in the systemd era

Italy here we come.
My wife and me will be at the NethServer conference! Flight and rooms are booked.
We decided to go for an extra day so we will arrive Wednesday 27th September at Ancona Airport and Monday 2nd October we will return to Belgium.

We will be staying in Gabicce-Mare, about 4km from Gradara, where the conference will be held.
I am still unsure how we will do local transportation. If we can get a ride from anyone there, it would be highly appreciated.


Of course, I will be your driver! :wink:


Some updates on the NethServer Conference.

  • Flight: we suggest to book your flights as soon as possible choosing Bologna as destination
  • From Bologna you can reach the Nethesis Partner meeting’s location in Riccione by train
  • We’re gathered some hotel options for you! We’re working on special prices. Please stay tuned!
  • On the basis of the numbers of attendees we will arrange transportations from Riccione (Nethesis Meeting) to Cattolica (NethServer Conference)
  • Italian attendees can easily reach both locations by car. There are free car parks near them.
  • Call for paper is opened: Click here to submit a proposal
    @robb @iglqut @davidep :top:
  • Registrations are going to be opened soon

Proposal is sent. I am really looking forward to this. I have been in Zaragoza for a similar event and it just is golden to be able to attend. This will be a great experience.


Italian attendees can easily reach both locations by car. There are free car parks near them.

The location in Riccione wants money to park the car inside its own parking :stuck_out_tongue:
And around Riccione location the streets are all fee parking :euro: :euro: :euro:

Parking at Cattolica/Gradara/Fanano location is free (at least last time I was there).
And the place is well worth it!