NethServer Conference Call For Paper and Speakers List

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

Would you like to speak at our Conference in Bruxelles? Please suggest a topic replying to this post

This is the speakers list so far:

Organizing the NethServer Conference 2019 :date:
Organizing the NethServer Conference 2019 :date:
(Alessio Fattorini) #2

I’d like to involve more people here:

(Michael Träumner) #3

I’m thinking about it, but at the moment I’ve no idea, what I should tell about it. It’s only reading a lot of threads, keep them in mind and help others with a link to the threads :rofl:

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

Just collect 5/10 advice for newcomers :slight_smile:
What do you search? Where do you search?
What questions do you raise?

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #5

The title of my talk: Everything you (don’t) need to make an awesome module !!!

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #6

@alefattorini are you going to prepare a little poster to attach around the FOSDEM buildings?

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

Oh yes I do. A few A4 with time, topics should be enough. We’ll add room and time once we’ll get to know