NethServer Community Meeting - 6 Feb 2021

Feb 6 and 7 2021 is going to happen Fosdem event. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this will be an online event this year. Sure this is disappointing since it is an annual chance to see each other in person. On the other hand, this gives the opportunity to non-EU members to ‘visit’ Fosdem too.
We more or less have a tradition with Fosdem to also organize a community meeting with several small talks by NethServer members.

Date and Time

Our community meeting will happen on 6 February at 2 P.M. CET (for 2 hours)

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That’s a draft of our agenda. Additional topics are going to be added soon.

  • Round of introductions

NethServer 8, a progression

  • Ideas for Nethserver 8
  • How to create our future together
  • Deal with the next challenges
    Speaker: @robb - Community guy

How NethServer allowed me to take control over my own data.

  • Why use Neth at home?
  • Get your information away from Google/Dropbox/Apple/etc.,
  • What do you need?
  • Home use best practices
    Speaker: @danb35 - Dan - NethServer Ambassador

My story with NethServer

What I started with, how I found NS and what I use it for today
Speaker: @royceb - Royce - NethServer Padawan

NethServer and DNS

DNS are something everyone needs and uses, but where there a very lot of misconceptions or misunderstandings floating around. NO other DNS needed anywhere besides NethServer
Real scenarios and use cases
Speaker: @Andy_Wismer - André - NethServer Ambassador

How NethServer helped my me and my business.

A story about Nethserver and the many ways its helped me, my organization , my business and clients at large.
Speaker: @oneitonitram - Martin - Education Team Member

AMA with NethServer Devs

Ask me everything with the Dev Team
Speaker: @giacomo @davidep @filippo_carletti @stephdl - NethServer devs


Final roundtable with all the participants. Stories, questions,



@padawan_group @ambassadors_group let’s join the meeting click on the Registration module above.

Hi @alefattorini,

From the above:

I just received an email:

Where and when


February 6, 2020, 14:00 - 16:00 CET

I am confused, what is the time of the meeting ?



Hi Michel-André

14:00 is equal to 2 PM, CET is Central European Time…

The 2020 is obviously an error… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


Back to the future part VI


Yep :grinning: sorry


You would not be the first to want “revenge” on that horrible year, 2020! :slight_smile:

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Looks like it’s going to be crowded :smiley:

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Are you ready for today? 2 p.m. CET. Don’t miss the meeting

That’s the link :point_down:

@davidep @stephdl @m_farlotta @giacomo @alep @sundarrs @dz00te @thorsten @mark_nl @kkokora @MrE @i_combo @m.traeumner @jonpostel000 @stojovski @asl @royceb @kristian1369 @Edwin_Kissi @rmk @Megasmart_CS @mrmarkuz @Andy_Wismer @Amort_Gottfried @france @ftaurino @TJerez @capote @PerpetuumMobile @pviegas @oneitonitram @gatto @michelandre @trentatre @sarz4fun @andre8244 @paperguides @Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa @tessierp @ants @jose_carvajal @Elifa @edomittino @Sergio_Donato @jonmbebe @InSGS @OkeInd @Fabio_Tavares @Teclife_Multiservice @badmeischter @acor @Vlodek @Fabio_Liverani @stefano.dolce @gecco @Crazyusb @Newser @xcod @dnutan @iglqut @Andrea_Boldrini @danb35 @Wellington_Rodrigues @markareait @LayLow @Elleni @ertank @chrkli @Nick_Smith


We’re starting. Join us :smiley:

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I couldn’t make it, had an inconvenience early this morning! I hope you guys had a nice meeting.

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40 participants at our meeting! A lot of speeches, questions and a really active chat during the sessions.

Here some pics, recording is coming. In the meantime here you can find @danb35’s talk that we watched together.


:blue_heart: I’m proud of this community! We’ve seen so many great IT projects built on NethServer all around the world!


Glad you guys had a great meeting!

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Recording is going to be available in a few minutes


@danb35 I saw your youtube video is in not Not listed state maybe it deserves to be found by other youtube visitors…just feed for thoughts

Yes, that’s intentional–I wasn’t really intending to run a public YouTube channel (you’ll notice there are no other videos there–this is the only one I’ve uploaded), and it has none of the typical YT bells and whistles like an engaging thumbnail. YT was simply a convenient way to make it available to Alessio for the meeting.


Nice meeting! Thanks for sharing!

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